Nanowrimo: Week 3 Update

words flying out of laptop nanowrimo

words flying out of laptop nanowrimo

So here we are, November 22, the start of Week 3 of Nanowrimo.

How am I going? If you follow my Facebook or instagram page you’d know that I’m doing more than alright.

I’d worked hard last week to get myself into a position where I’d be ahead of the game so that even if my weekend away in Wellington took the toll on my writing that I expected that it would, I would still be in an okay position.

The weekend ended up being the perfect blend of catching up, eating, drinking and touristing. I’ll tell you more tomorrow in the Lovin’ Life linky, but I mentioned to my bestie (and not for the first time) that I really do need to find the right story to showcase Wellington. It truly is one of my favourite cities.

Anyways, to the word count…

Nanowrimo word count

  • 15/11/17 2287
  • 16/11/17 2252
  • 17/11/17 1306
  • 18/11/17 1757
  • 19/11/17 3052
  • 20/11/17 2196
  • 21/11/17 2800

As at the beginning of Day 22 I’m sitting on a total of 44,123, which is a very comfortable total to be sitting on. I’m hoping to nail the 50k by Friday.

How have I managed it?

I’ll be brutally honest – the weather has been on my side. What’s the weather got to do with it? Simple – it’s been raining so I haven’t been up walking. I have, however, left my alarm on and been writing instead.

I’ve been doing the same in the afternoons after I log off from work – and again  when I go to bed.

I wrote at the airport on Thursday morning and again before my flight home on Sunday afternoon. I wrote on the plane – as best I could – and I’ve even managed 30 minutes here or there in the time I allocate as my lunch “hour” from the corporate gig.

Last weekend we had a couple of hours here and there where I dragged my laptop out, one time writing in front of an episode of UK X Factor, and another where I wrote in the sun on my friend’s deck. Just how beautiful a spot is this?

It’s meant that I’ve managed my words with my day job and my social life, but other things have had to be compromised – like TV and doing faff all. Not that it matters – it’s just one month.

What else have I let slip? I haven’t buckled down and finished the proofread or the blurb for I Want You Back, written any more of Tiff’s story or updated the content on my astro blog during November. I’ll get back into all of that in December.

What about the story?

It still feels as though it’s working. My characters created a twist the other day that I really didn’t see coming. I have no idea how I’ll write my way out of that one when it comes to tying it all together, but I’ll think about that over the next 30,000 words or so.

Given that this story is about grown-ups with grown-up problems, I’ve had to do some research as well – mainly about family law. I’ve told my husband to ignore any internet history that he finds a tad questionable. It’s something else that I’ll need to layer more through the next draft.

The plan for this week?

The finish line is in sight – 50,000 words – however I’m intending to keep going at the same pace with a view to having the first draft of this written by Christmas. The way it’s coming together that’s perfectly doable. Besides, it’s the perfect creative outlet after a day spent working on a project that, to put it mildly, is not filling me with inspiration…but that’s our little secret.

How about you? How is your word total going for November?