Nanowrimo 2017 – the wrap-up edition

Ok, I know that there’s still one day left in November, but Wednesday is my day for writing posts about, well, writing, so we’re wrapping this year’s Nanowrimo …ok? In case you missed it, I passed my 50,000 word target … Read More

Nanowrimo: Week 3 Update

words flying out of laptop nanowrimo

So here we are, November 22, the start of Week 3 of Nanowrimo. How am I going? If you follow my Facebook or instagram page you’d know that I’m doing more than alright. I’d worked hard last week to get … Read More

Why you should write a novel in November

So anyways, November is around the corner…and if November is around the corner, so too is NaNoWriMo. Nano wtf? National Novel Writing Month. Essentially the challenge is to, along with a few hundred thousand other people, get 50,000 words out of … Read More