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Hi, I’m Joanne Tracey, and I write stories with happy endings. Is that a spoiler alert? Probably- but sometimes it’s best to know these things up front.

My books blend my love of travel, food, and new experiences, and are set in some of my favourite places: Melbourne, Bali, The Cotswolds, Queenstown. I write the stories that I like to read, so if you like your love stories spiced with a little travel, a little fun, a lot of friendship, the occasional daggy pop song, and some seriously sexy men, you’ve come to the right place.

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Out Now: Happy Ever After

Do you only get one chance at a happy ever after?

Kate and Neil met at a protest march in Sydney in August 1985 – Kate was marching, Neil wasn’t. It was love almost at first sight.
Over thirty years have passed, their children have grown, and Kate and Neil have gone from being happily married to being happily separated. That is until Neil asks for a divorce – and another wedding brings up feelings they’d both thought were long gone.

Kate and Neil fall in love all over again, but the repercussions are unexpected and far-reaching. Will Kate be able to overcome a whole new set of challenges to find her happy ever after?

Wish You Were Here

Sometimes home is a person, not a place …

Max Henderson loves her life in the idyllic English village of Brookford. Her family is nearby, and her job allows her to indulge her passion for growing, cooking and writing about food.

When Max’s husband, James, tells her he’s been transferred to New York, Max is thrilled for him ‒ it’s the role he’s always aspired to. But as excited as she is for James, she’s torn between the thought of leaving her home, the people she cares about and her own ambitions, and the possibility of a new start for her and James. To complicate matters, the New York move is just the first in a series of blows that leave Max reeling.

If Max follows her heart, will she have to leave her dreams behind? Or can they guide her home to the man she loves?

Wish You Were Here is for anyone who loves great fiction with a dash of travel, some fabulous food and, of course, romance.

Available now on Amazon and Amazon Australia , and iBooks.

In case you missed it…

Coming Soon: I Want You Back

Be careful what you wish for- you might just get it…

Remember Callie from Baby, It’s You? This is her story…

Callie is positive that everything will be perfect if only she can get Jamie, the love of her life, back – and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tiff is convinced that Matt Delaney is the perfect man for her. He ticks every item on her extensive checklist.

As for Alice, she’s absolutely positive that she’s over Luke. This time around she’s setting the rules.

Sometimes getting what you want is the easy part – it’s deciding what to do with it that is when the fun starts.

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