Philly Barker Is On The Case

Without any of the fanfare that she deserves, Philly Barker’s latest adventure is now live on most online platforms. If, however, you prefer to hold your books in your hand (hey, I hear you!), print-on-demand will be another week away. … Read More

When your office is a coffee shop…

I’m writing this post outdoors. I’m at one of my favourite coffee spots in Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and my view (see the pic above) from where I sit goes across a lot of green to the coast. One … Read More

Finding an editor – and how I found mine…

So anyways, I realised the other day that I haven’t contacted my editor yet to book in this year’s edits – not that I’m anywhere near finishing the first draft of I Want You Back just yet. I’ve found that … Read More

2017: The Writing Goals

So that was 2016. Tomorrow night we’ll be raising a glass to it and sending it on its way. There’s no denying 2016 was difficult – for me personally, and for many of you too. Yet it was also a … Read More

How to train for nanowrimo…

So anyways, I’ve given you some reasons why you should be doing NaNoWriMo- the equivalent of a marathon for writers. Marathoners pull on their trainers each day and practice. So do writers. With November nearly here, it’s time to get … Read More