Writer’s Digest – September 18, 2023


Okay, so this week’s catch-up will need to be a quickie as I’ll be back on the early train this morning down to Brisbane – day job work, of course. We completed the move I’ve been stressing over for most of the year over the weekend, so now need to finish the job.

Speaking of which, that’s exactly what I will be doing next week – finishing up in the job. Next Thursday to be precise. Yes, it’s a big call and no I’m not intending to look for anything else at this point, but never say never. The goal is to concentrate on writing and marketing and doing all those things I’ve made excuses for.

Okay, what else?

Not much, really. Because I was away for a couple of days I spent the weekend catching up on word count, although did manage to do a Balinese roast pork and knock out a couple of sambals to go with it for Destination Bali on Saturday night.

I also managed a whopping 13,898 words for the week – if I’d known I was that close to 14,000 I would have kept going. I haven’t, however, written the blurb for It’s In The Stars. Yet.

Other ticks in the box were arranging e-visas and transfers for our upcoming Vietnam trip and buying a new pair of swimmers. I bought the last pair before our last Vietnam trip – almost 7 years ago… It’s no wonder they’ve lost all their suspension.

On that note I’ll leave you with some images of beautiful Mooloolaba from late afternoon yesterday. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

Until next week…

2 Comments on “Writer’s Digest – September 18, 2023”

  1. Those are some gorgeous images! I bet you are so excited about having more time to write and focus.

  2. Scary and exciting time all at once!! Your readers are super excited that you will now have more writing time. Wishing you smooth days ahead!

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