Nanowrimo: Week 2 Update


Week 2 of Nanowrimo has just ended and the words are still pouring out. I know that there’s a wall approaching – I can see it in the distance, but every time that I get close to it, it retreats…thankfully. … Read More

Nanowrimo: Week 1 Update


Week one of Nanowrimo is now officially done. After a slow start I’m well and truly back on track. My daily word count for the first week of nanowrimo looks like this: Day 1  0 Day 2  0 Day 3  … Read More

Nanowrimo – your training program

Last week I told you about nanowrimo – the equivalent of a marathon for writers. Marathoners pull on their trainers each day and practice. If this is the marathon of writing challenges, the key to success is in the preparation. With … Read More