Wish You Were Here


Out Now…

We first met Max and Richie ever so briefly in Big Girls Don’t Cry. Wish You Were Here is their story.

Sometimes home is a person not a place …

Max Henderson loves her life in the idyllic English village of Brookford. Her family is nearby, and her job allows her to indulge her passion for growing, cooking and writing about food.

When Max’s husband, James, tells her he’s been transferred to New York, Max is thrilled for him ‒ it’s the role he’s always aspired to. But as excited as she is for James, she’s torn between the thought of leaving her home, the people she cares about and her own ambitions, and the possibility of a new start for her and James. To complicate matters, the New York move is just the first in a series of blows that leave Max reeling.

If Max follows her heart, will she have to leave her dreams behind? Or can they guide her home to the man she loves?

It’s a little about food, a little about gardening, a little about friendship, and a lot about movement: moving on, moving out, moving past, moving forward, moving through, moving together.

Wish You Were Here is for anyone who loves great fiction with a dash of travel, gardening, cooking and, of course, romance.