The Melbourne Girls Series

When I set out to write this series, I wanted to write the books that I love to read, set in places that I love to visit, with smart, yet imperfect, women that I could identify with (and who I sometimes want to scream at!), heroes I could fall in love with, and stories that made me feel like a good night out with the girls – a few laughs, a few wines, maybe the occasional tear, but ultimately satisfying.

If you enjoy your contemporary romance with a mix of friendship, a side serve of romantic comedy, and a great big dose of chick-lit (and the occasional twist) this series is for you. 

You’ll be whisked from cosmopolitan Melbourne, visit the island paradise of Bali, the beaches of the Sunshine Coast, and the temples of Hong Kong…plus more!

Each book is standalone, but you’ll find some crossover of characters. I like to say that it’s like if the movie “Love Actually” was a series of standalone contemporary romance novels, each with one relationship at the heart of it.

Baby, It’s You

A vintage coat, a hot new co-worker and a stranger’s bucket list – what could possibly go wrong?

Emily Porter likes lists: daily to-do lists, shopping lists, playlists, reasons to dump her boyfriend lists, reasons to stay with her boyfriend lists.

The one list Em doesn’t have is a bucket list. She doesn’t need one – her life is predictable and safe. Her job is satisfactory, and even though she has a thing about men who wind up back with the woman they were rebounding from – after Em has fixed them up, that is – her love life is also predictable. Besides, her best friends – Susie Turner and Josh Booth –will always be there to see her through her dating disasters.

No drama, no fuss, no surprises – which is exactly the way Em likes it. But when Em finds a stranger’s bucket list in the pocket of a vintage coat and begins to use it to renovate her home – and her life – everything gets turned upside down. 

As if dealing with paint-brushes, flat-pack furniture and power tools isn’t scary enough, Em has to contend with Jamie, the hot new co-worker who makes her feel as though she’s the lead character in a daggy pop song and has made it clear he wants to be more than her colleague. 

In the meantime, Booth is acting strangely; and Suse has a secret that could threaten everything…

Baby, It’s You is available now on Amazon and iBooks.

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Big Girls Don’t Cry

Theirs was a love that survived the years – and the odds.

Brad and Abby were always meant to be together. Best friends in childhood, they fell immediately in love when they found each other again many years later. Yet when Brad proposes, Abby says no. She is distraught when, soon after, Brad leaves Melbourne – and her.

Something is holding Abby back from saying yes to Brad, and she’s convinced that it has to do with what happened to her father deep in a Balinese rainforest nearly twenty-five years ago. 

If Abby and Brad are going to get a second chance at first love, Abby will have to find a way to discover the truth behind the lies that protect the family secrets that have been kept for many years. 

Big Girls Don’t Cry is a story about how sometimes you have to deal with yesterday to find love in tomorrow, and how goodbye doesn’t have to mean forever. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry.

What readers are saying:

“The thinking woman’s chick lit.” D.C. 

“If you’re a fan of Cathy Kelly, Jill Mansell or Erica James (three of my favourites), you will really enjoy Big Girls Don’t Cry. It’s chick-lit but very relationship focused.” M.K.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is available now on Amazon and ibooks. 

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I Want You Back

Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it…

Calliope Jones is positive that everything will be perfect if only she can get Jamie, the love of her life, back – and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tiffany Samuels is convinced that Matt Delaney is the perfect man for her. He ticks every item on her extensive checklist and won’t stand in the way of her achieving her career goals.

As for Alice Delaney, she’s absolutely positive that she’s over Luke. This time around she’s setting the rules.

When Tiff decides that they each need to try a different approach to getting what they want, Project Yes is launched. Sometimes getting what you want is the easy part – it’s deciding what to do with it that is when the fun starts.

I Want You Back – to be published March 31, 2020

Careful What You Wish For – to be published May 31 2020

It’s In The Stars – to be published August 31 2020