What pelicans know about cycles

Pelicans complete the same cycle each night
The pelican squadron

The hubster and I have gotten into a habit of walking on the beach at least a few afternoons a week. I’m still doing the beach boardwalk most weekday mornings – although it has been raining an awful lot up here over the last few weeks – but this is different.

We both work remotely back to corporate jobs in Sydney, so this is our way of finishing the day, putting a fullstop under it. And trust me, it’s a much more enjoyable way to end the day then the commute ever used to be.

It’s also one of the things I’m enjoying about not having daylight savings up here – and I never thought that I’d say that. With all my work and colleagues based in Sydney daylight savings raises a whole lot of issues. For the days that I work, I’m on Sydney time. Instead of logging on at 8.30, I’m on at 7.30. That means that at 5pm when the George St office is clearing out to head to buses and trains, it’s only 4pm here. On work days our house is full of conversations like:

‘What time’s your meeting?’


‘Is that Sydney time?’


‘So 2.30 ours.’


You should have seen us try and coordinate airport drop-offs with meetings and their time and our time the last time I had to be in Sydney. It wasn’t pretty.

We each run our work computers on Sydney time so the calendars don’t get confused, but man, it sometimes does my head in. But at the end of the day is a beach walk.

There are a lot of jokes urban myths reasons why Queensland has never complied with the other Eastern states and gone to daylight savings. It’s about the chooks, some say – they’ll go off the lay. Others say it’s about the cows and how it disrupts the milking cycle. Then there are the ones who think that the curtains will fade. Personally, I think it’s obstinacy, but after living up here, despite the hassles with timezone changes – especially when working or travelling to Sydney and Melbourne – I’m loving how not having daylight savings allows us to continue to tune into the cycles of the sun.

I’m a cycles girl from way back – hello, I’m an astrologer as well as a whatever else it is that I do. Since moving up here we shop seasonally at the markets, we eat locally, we cook according to what’s fresh.

We’ve also become more in tune with the tidal patterns, know the direction that our bad weather comes from, and tend to wake at first light.

I’ve become aware of the changes in the beach – from storms, onshore winds, tidal patterns. There are the cycles that bring seaweed into shore, and the ones that bring little jellies in on the tide. There are days when the beach appears to have a cliff in the sand, and then it’s gone. Some days the sand is so wet so far up the beach that it’s almost as though the tide changed it’s mind and retreated super fast.

On Monday afternoon we watched a pelican fly over – as it does at that time of the day every day – or rather at that time of the sun’s cycle every day. Then, a little further down the beach we saw the squadron – three pelicans that, you guessed it, fly over at the same time every day. They float up there in the sky until a fourth joins them – the way they do every day, and then at some point over the top of The Loo With A View, the first joins their little group and they head off together towards wherever it is they go each night.

It’s a pattern that repeats itself each day.

The pelicans don’t know about daylight saving, my dog doesn’t know about daylight saving when she starts asking for her dinner at the same time each night, the birds that start at 4.15am don’t know that it should be daylight saving.

As for me? I’m with the pelicans. There’s comfort in rituals, and there’s comfort in following the cycles – that, however doesn’t mean that I don’t wish from time to time that we could all be on the same time zone.

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