If you love the TV shows The Farmer Wants A Wife and McLeod's Daughters you'll love this charming and heart-warming series.

Set in wine country in the fictional town of Mannus Ridge you'll meet and fall in love with the characters who live there, and the stories they have to tell.

Pack your bags for Mannus Ridge...


Small towns can have long memories...

With the dress bought and the church booked for her wedding to Angus McGuire, Ainsley St James ran from Mannus Ridge vowing not to return until she’d achieved her career goals.

Almost fifteen years later she has it all – an inner-city apartment, a sports car, and a wardrobe of designer fashion to match her high-flying banking career.

Until she loses it all. Suddenly single, homeless, jobless, and finding that rock-bottom is a moving target, Ainsley has no choice but to return to Mannus Ridge with her tail between her legs.

While her family welcomes her home with open arms, others aren’t happy she’s back or ready to forgive her for jilting Angus so close to their wedding – and Angus is at the top of that list.

To complicate matters, her family’s hotel, The Royal, is in trouble and with the bank threatening to foreclose Ainsley knows she will do whatever it takes to save the pub – and her parent’s livelihood – even if that means staying in Mannus Ridge.

As Ainsley falls back under the spell of her hometown – and Angus – she realises there’s more at stake than simply saving the pub. Someone, it seems, wants to destroy The Royal, and without The Royal what would happen to Mannus Ridge?

With her family and her town counting on her can Ainsley manage to turn the fortunes of The Royal around – and have a second chance at love with Angus… all before Christmas?

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