If you love the TV show Sea Change you'll love this new cosy mystery series with a touch of romance.

Whale Bay is a laid-back Queensland beach community full of quirky characters to love – and a few dodgy development-driven councillors we love to hate. It’s hazy summer holidays under blue skies at white sandy beaches and a very Aussie mystery.

Pack your bags for Whale Bay...


One For Sorrow

The clues are in the cards ...

When jaded Melbourne divorce lawyer Clementine Carter returns to her Queensland coastal hometown of Whale Bay after a twenty-five-year absence, she figures she'll fly in, arrange the sale of the beach shack she's been left in her Aunt Rose's will, and fly back out.

Once back in Whale Bay, Clem soon discovers that Rose has been locking horns with some of the most influential people in town, and her death might not be as straightforward as she's been led to believe. It seems someone wants to get their hands on both the beachside property and New Moon, Rose's New Age shop – and will stop at nothing until they get it.
To complicate matters further, when Clem meets Finn Marella, a local barista and her aunt's partner in local activism, sparks fly. 

Convinced Rose's death was no accident, Clem sets out, with the help of Finn and some old school friends, to investigate.

With millions of development dollars at stake, can Clem read the clues Rose has left behind and unravel the mystery before it's too late for her too?

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