2021: Word of the Year

Over the last week, I’ve lost count of how many articles I’ve read about New Year’s resolutions. Despite the fact that everyone I’ve spoken to (and I do mean everyone) says they’re not setting any, there’s obviously enough people still … Read More

Festival of Festive Reading – Part 1

Each December I read nothing but festive-themed books. This year, because, well 2020, I began my festival of festive reading early – and am I glad that I did. My kindle is loaded with Christmas themed novels and all of … Read More

On My Bookshelf – October

The month began in a flurry of reading over the long weekend and then tapered off. In addition to the books below, I also read two of my own: Careful What You Wish For  This must have been my fourth … Read More

On My Bookshelf – September

I didn’t read quite as much as usual in September. This is partly because I was writing more (I know, it’s about time…) but also because I’ve had a calf injury (or is it the knee? Who can tell…) for … Read More

15 Tips to NaNoWriMo Success

Last week I told you about NaNoWriMo. I also said something about how it’s the writerly equivalent of running a marathon – and just like running a marathon, the key to success is in preparation.  Sure, you mightn’t be pulling on … Read More

How to write a novel in a month…

November is around the corner…and if November is around the corner, so too is NaNoWriMo. Nano wtf? National Novel Writing Month. Get it? Essentially the challenge is to, along with a few hundred thousand other people, get 50,000 words out of your head and onto … Read More

My new novel: I Want You Back

It’s been a long time between novels – almost 2 years in which life well and truly got in the way. To say that I’ve lost my creative mojo a little (especially this year) would be an understatement – and … Read More

On the Bookshelf – August Reading List

It’s been a month with a varied reading list – and a couple of books that I wouldn’t normally reach for but which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks as always to Adventure Spaniel for modelling the books… The Dictionary of Lost … Read More

On the Bookshelf – July

Okay, it’s time for my monthly book round-up. Without any faffing about, here goes: Can’t Stop The Feeling and Can’t Buy Me Love, by Janet Elizabeth Henderson Henderson, a Kiwi author, writes classic romcom set mostly in Scotland. Her novels are always … Read More

On the Bookshelf – June

Okay, another month is gone…time to share what I’ve been reading for the last month… I read seven books over the month – two of those being audiobooks, and one coming in at a massive 892 pages…or thereabouts. 500 Miles … Read More