Brookford Kitchen Diaries

Once upon a time, I created a character – Maxine Henderson, although she prefers to be called Max. Max lived in Brookford, a village in The Cotswolds, worked at Blossoms and Buds, the village garden centre, and wrote a monthly … Read More

Escape To Curlew Cottage – Meet The Cast

Last week I showed you around Brookford where Escape To Curlew Cottage is mostly set. Today we’re going to meet the cast. So, without any further faffing about, allow me to introduce you to… Claire Mansfield Born and bred in … Read More

2021 – The Writing Goals

Okay, I’m a tad late with this – after all, it is almost the end of January – but to be honest, it’s taken me some time to reset from 2020 and clarify what I want to do in 2021. … Read More

2021: Word of the Year

Over the last week, I’ve lost count of how many articles I’ve read about New Year’s resolutions. Despite the fact that everyone I’ve spoken to (and I do mean everyone) says they’re not setting any, there’s obviously enough people still … Read More

Festival of Festive Reading – Part 1

Each December I read nothing but festive-themed books. This year, because, well 2020, I began my festival of festive reading early – and am I glad that I did. My kindle is loaded with Christmas themed novels and all of … Read More

On My Bookshelf – October

The month began in a flurry of reading over the long weekend and then tapered off. In addition to the books below, I also read two of my own: Careful What You Wish For  This must have been my fourth … Read More

On My Bookshelf – September

I didn’t read quite as much as usual in September. This is partly because I was writing more (I know, it’s about time…) but also because I’ve had a calf injury (or is it the knee? Who can tell…) for … Read More

15 Tips to NaNoWriMo Success

Last week I told you about NaNoWriMo. I also said something about how it’s the writerly equivalent of running a marathon – and just like running a marathon, the key to success is in preparation.  Sure, you mightn’t be pulling on … Read More

How to write a novel in a month…

November is around the corner…and if November is around the corner, so too is NaNoWriMo. Nano wtf? National Novel Writing Month. Get it? Essentially the challenge is to, along with a few hundred thousand other people, get 50,000 words out of your head and onto … Read More