Sentence a Day – September

Ummm was that September? Seriously? Why wasn’t I given warning?

September brought deadlines, plenty of work, and a few highs. I missed doing my morning walk just twice – once early in the month when it was (sorry Mum and Dad) pi$$ing down; and again last week – when I had to be on the 6 am train to Brisbane for work. Over the month I clocked up 339,523 steps. Given that’s an average of over 11000 steps a day, that’s a tick on my list of 101 things in 1001 days. Unfortunately, it’s also brought a return of an old Achilles tendon over-use injury which I’m now trying to manage while still keeping moving. That’s a whole other very boring story.

What passes for Spring here in South East Queensland is almost over – but the bottlebrush, other natives,and the flowers on the Thai (Holy) Basil have been lovely.

Ok, before we get into October – which is full of deadlines, birthdays and various other things – let’s wrap last month.

1.Markets, hair, homemade focaccia. That means another tick in the 101 things to do list.

2. Happy Father’s Day to the two best fathers in the world – mine and my daughter’s. Walk on the beach followed by curry pots of yum at Noosa Beach House.

3. Dolphins and a walk – is there a better way to kick off the working week?

4. Rainy start and some moody cloud action on the walk.

5. Pi$$ing down this morning so no walk. Doggy Day Spa visited Adventure Spaniel.

6. Walk in the rain and work. That’s all.

7. Sun’s back out today, and so am I – writing words at the Surf Club. (As an aside, I really think they need to make me the writer in residence…)

8. Markets, house-cleaning, and experimenting with a French menu for dinner – Cervelle de Canut and Poulet au Vinaigre.

9. Friends over for lunch on a gorgeous blue day.

10. Cracker of a morning. I have a colleague (and friend) here from the Sydney office working out of my home office all week.

11. Another blue day with whales doing their blowing thing not far off-shore.

12. Fabulous having a work colleague who wants to cook with you – we put together the aromatic stock for a home-made pho during our lunch break and she stayed for dinner to help us eat it.

13. Whales again this morning, the project we were working on completed, and pho even better second day. It’s been nice having someone else to talk to in the office other than Adventure Spaniel – who, I must say, always agrees with me.

14. Picnic lunch of fabulous Mooloolaba prawns eaten at the top of Alex Hill to celebrate Friday – and managed a few words.

15. Best whale viewing yet this season. I walked over to Alexandra Headland beach this morning and two whales were breaching and putting on a fine display of fin waving and tail slapping. Mesmerising. Made passionfruit pannacotta for dessert tonight.

16. Morning walk, coffee with a friend at the beach, lunch at Palmwoods Hotel (best beer garden so far), afternoon walk, homemade pizzas and some words in between. At the end of the rock wall this afternoon we watched a whole school of fish being chased by a dolphin jump out of the water.

17. Monday Monday – a few clouds, a few showers, and a long day in the office. Nothing more to see here.

18. Meetings and blue skies.

19. First cane toad of the season on the front lawn. Ugh.

20. Cover for Happy Ever After revealed.

Coming soon

21. Words, a picnic at Buderim Park, and a visit to the Garden Centre for a new bay tree.

22. Best ever smoked salmon salad for lunch – all from local produce bought at the markets.

23. Catch-up at the Apollonian Hotel at Boreen Point with some fellow bloggers.

Apollonian Hotel, Boreen Point
Apollonian Hotel, Boreen Point

24. Monday. Nothing more to say.

25. Some action of the whale breaching kind off the end of the rock wall this morning, seriously cool clouds, plenty of torrential rain and single ingredient dinner at Jimmy’s at Warana – pineapple, in case you’re interested.

26. 6am train to Brisbane for the day job.

27. Ummmm….

28. Catch up with a writing friend and some actual words.

29. Extreme procrastibaking – chocolate cloud cake, choc chip cookies, Tibetan momos and lamb rogan josh from scratch. Oh, and whales.

30. Thunder and lightning, boom crash opera, Beerwah Hotel for Sunday lunch and draft for book no. 6 declared done.

Photo a day

Pics from our morning beach walk…

What I watched

It was sad to see the end forever of 800 Words. I loved that show – and was satisfied with how they finished it off.

The best show by far of the month was The Split on ABC. This was so addictive that I was wishing I didn’t discover it until I could binge watch the whole lot in one go.

On Foxtel, I’ve been watching Sam Neill’s fabulous Pacific – In the Footsteps of Captain Cook and Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast about walking the path that goes across the middle of England.

I’ve also been procrastiwatching (again) The Hollowmen on ABC – classic satire by the best in the business and spent a very pleasant couple of hours reacquainting myself with the Kerrigans and The Castle – by the same production company.

Finally, I spent some time that I’ll never be able to get back on Wellington Paranormal on SBS on demand. It started off a tad spoofy and pretty much went downhill quite quickly.

What I read

Not much this month – just 5 books with the highlights being:

  • Belgravia, Julian Fellowes. This is by the guy who wrote Downton Abbey and I got it in the 2nd hand bookshop in Armidale. As an aside, Fellows also played Lord Kilwillie on Monarch of the Glen. Remember that show?
  • A Paris Christmas, John Baxter. I bought this one in the 2nd hand part of Shakespeare & Co when we were in Paris. It was sitting on the shelf just outside the toilet and was marked 5E. A great read.
  • The Turning Point, Freya North – no spoiler alerts, but I read this one with an impending sense that it wasn’t going to end well – normally enough for me to put the book down. Despite that, I couldn’t put it down.

Ok, that was my month – how was yours?

6 Replies to “Sentence a Day – September”

  1. I agree! Where did September go? The whales have been incredible here on the Gold Coast too. I’ve seen so many in recent weeks. I’ve also enjoyed 800 Words and The Split recently. I’m still getting over moving house and our son’s wedding. October will be resettling and getting organised month for me.

    1. After living my whole life in suburbia or at least an hour away from the ocean, seeing the whales is something I’ll never take for granted.

  2. What an action-packed September for you, Jo. Well done with over 11,000 steps per day! Hurray for choosing the cover for you Happy Ever After book. Love all your photos, especially those from your beach walk, just beautiful.

    1. It’s certainly a great way to start the day. Because I’m on my bum the rest of the day that first 6000 off steps is important.

  3. I haven’t heard of The Split? (Though I’ve barely watched any TV over the past couple of months!)

    I have to tell you I pretty much rely on your early morning beach walk photos each day when I wake up. It reminds me there’s an entirely lovely world out there and though there’s part of me that feels guilty I’m not up and enjoying it (yet) I love that you are.

    Am excited about the progress of your writing. (And jealous. But in a nice way!)

    Also impressed by the baking. Though without any added envy. Cos meh…. that’s why god invented shops. xx

    1. Loved your pics & glad you’re back. I really want to hear more about the retreat now! I laugh at your baking comment because when I said I wanted to have a go at making dumplings, that’s exactly what Grant said to me – you can buy them though…

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