March all wrapped up…

Another month where we had more than our average monthly rainfall. In fact, it rained on 23 out of the 31 days. So much for the Sunshine Coast. Seriously though it wasn’t manky, set in for the day rain, it was quick bursts of heavy showers. On the upside, everything is so green.

The day job has been as busy as it was in February and my three days a week was more like four and, on a couple of occasions, five. But as I write this post on Easter Monday there are only 12 sleeps until holidays, so the extra money has been appreciated.

In other news, March is birthday month for me and our daughter, so there were some celebrations as well.

What else? I might not have got out for my morning walk as often as I should have this month, but I did manage to practice my French language lessons most days. If you’re interested in learning a language, the app duolingo really is fab.

1.March already?

2. Massively productive words day and tried my first poke bowl from Raw & Rice – which I took to the beach to eat. How healthy does this look?

3. Markets and Jimmy’s for Saturday morning brekky followed by a lot of words on the novel. Tried out the new paella pan tonight – the one we brought back from Melbourne.

4. More work on the novel with a break for yum cha at lunch.

5. After a weekend of writing work, back to the day job on a cloudy Monday morning. Not raining so I managed a walk.

6. Beat the rain with a colourful sunrise before work.

7. Bellydancing is back…yay! Risked a walk on the beach this afternoon and got caught in a downpour. This is the face of a wet dog who doesn’t like being wet.

8. I updated my bucket list on the blog.

9. I normally have Fridays off, but sadly not today. Managed some words and a catch-up with a fellow writer later this afternoon.

10. Gave into family pressure and made a batch of chocolate cranberry cookies. In the interests of procrastibaking also pimped up a cranachan with a wee dram of Lochanora poured over it.

11. Lunch at the Boathouse at Cotton Tree in honour of my birthday tomorrow.

12. Happy Birthday to me. I had to work, but we had dinner with friends at the Surf Club. The best part? The birthday membership reward at the Surf Club was an entire Vienetta log. I was so excited you would have thought all my birthdays had come at once!

13. It’s now a whole year until my next birthday.

14. Bellydancing, words and work. Wednesday nailed.

15. Back to back teleconferences…nothing more to say about that.

16. A new coffee shop has opened on the top of Buderim Village. It’s in a shipping container in an empty block, but the views are fabulous.

17. An excursion to Witta in the Hinterland – farmer’s market and coffee and a croissant at Witta General Store.

18. Catch up with fellow authors in Eumundi. Back home to finish the draft of the book now known as Book No. 5.

19. Up to Vardy’s super early for coffee and to format the novel before logging into work. The novel is off to the editor today. There’s still a lot of editing and re-writing once her comments come back, but that’s a major milestone reached.

20. It’s not raining, so a walk before work on this stunning morning.

21. Started Book No. 6 today – and by started I really mean that I picked it up from where I left it back at the end of October. There are about 25,000 usable words to start with. Bellydancing and day job to round the day off.

22. This time last year I waved goodbye to our movers in Sydney. This year I’m off to the launch of Josephine Moon’s new book Three Gold Coins – and spoiler alert, it’s a great read.

23. Good progress on novel catchily titled Book No. 6. No progress on a potential title for Book No. 5.

24. Happy Birthday to our baby girl. Twenty! When did that happen? Brekky at the Shak (prettiest best eggs bennie on the coast).

A nostalgic trip to Underwater World for the seal show, a drink at the bar at the Wharf, and dinner in Mooloolaba at Bella Venezia. I enjoyed her birthday very much.

25. Astro group get-together. Great chat with a fabulous view of Golden Beach.

26. Drizzle for back to work Monday.

27. Managed to get a walk in before the rain – and another after work.

28. Last belly dancing session for this term. Already?

29. More rain this morning and a huge day in the day job office to finish a thankfully short week off.

30. Good Friday. I’m supposed to be writing an article I have due but scheduled a heap of my A-Z posts for April blogs instead. I’m posting once a day on the A-Z of books and writing.

31. Cleaning, cooking, and a surprise drop in by a friend. Procrastibaked a Mexican spread for dinner instead of writing that article.