10 reasons to exercise in the morning

I’m easing into the whole 2018 intentions thing. So far I’m doing well at:

  • The water thing
  • The workday walking thing
  • The twice a week at the gym thing (although I want to go on record as saying I still dislike it, but in the scale of dislike, I dislike it less this week than I did last week and much less than I did the week before.
  • I’ve also started adding some black-line swimming again

I haven’t yet addressed the portions and alcohol thing…that’s something for this month…maybe…

Although my brain is a steel trap where matters of my corporate gig are concerned, when it comes to personal goals, my focus is positively Dory-like. I truly forget what it is that I’m meant to be doing. For me, the key is getting things done in the morning. In general, if it doesn’t happen before I log into the partition job, it doesn’t happen.

So, before you hit the snooze button, here are my reasons why you should get your arse out of bed and into the gym, on the path, in the pool, whatever:

  • The sunrises. Even if you’re in Queensland and there’s no daylight saving, there’s something very special about starting a new day – it’s a physical and daily reminder that no matter what other chaos is happening, the world continues to turn and the sun comes up with all the promise that it brings with it.
  • You have to get up anyway and besides, are you really likely to go back to sleep? Be honest.
  • I’d put money on the fact that at least 80% (if not more) of the people already training when you get there would rather still be in bed too.
  • Early morning training is not about impressing anyone other than yourself. No one cares whether you are sporting the latest logo singlet or have a full face on – it’s too flipping early. Basic hygiene tasks only need to be completed before early morning training.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but early morning training gets my creative brain going in a way that lying in bed never would. I solve so many plot problems when I’m walking. Alternatively, stick some ear-plugs in and catch up on your favourite podcast. That’s what I call multi-tasking.
  • If you’re a gym-goer, you mightn’t need to queue for equipment in the mornings and can hog the cardio machines for longer.
  • Early morning training frees your mind for the rest of the day – the real hard work is done, so you don’t need to spend other precious hours thinking of all the very valid reasons why you should be blowing off that class/walk/session tonight.
  • The post-exercise high takes you through at least until your first coffee and sets up the brain as well as the body for the day ahead. And yes, doubters, even if all you are feeling is “thank flip that’s over,” it’s still a high of sorts.
  • No matter what sort of downhill slide your day takes, you started it having achieved something. That’s one box ticked.
  • If you make a deal with yourself that you will train after work, do so in the knowledge that there is dinner to be hunted down, homework to be nagged about and an open bottle of wine in the fridge. And you really think you’ll go back out once the heels are off, the bra is off and the wine poured? No, I didn’t think so either.

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