That’s a Wrap – December 3, 2017

Monday morning on Mooloolaba Beach

It’s December already. How did that happen? It feels as though it was only yesterday that we were all full of high hopes for 2017 and now we’re singing the another year over song already.

Anyways, let’s wrap up the week…

What frustrated me…

Rain. So much of it. And most inconveniently, at the times that I’d normally walk. Yes, I have a gym membership for just those eventualities, but a treadmill has nowhere near the meditative qualities of a walk on or by the beach. Yes, I’m spoiled already.

I did, however, get out on Monday morning – and again on Monday evening.

What made me go awwww…

Baby scrub turkeys.

There are a few of them around at the moment. Aside from the fact that they are cute, the very existence of them is a marvellous one. Scrub turkeys are interesting in that they aren’t parented at all. The eggs are laid and incubated in a mound of what is essentially temperature-controlled compost. The father builds the mound, the mother lays the eggs, and that’s pretty much the end of their involvement in the process.

The chicks hatch, climb out of the mound and start scratching about for themselves and trying to avoid their father – who doesn’t recognise them as being baby scrub turkeys. They have about a 1 in 200 chance of making it through to adulthood, so seeing them out and about is heartening.

What made me happy…

me busy writing at Chances

Seeing Mooloolaba Wharf come back to life. This place used to be a hive of activity when we first started holidaying up here almost 20 years ago, then it went into decline. Now, thanks to a far-sighted developer, it’s on the way back. Chances on the wharf has become my favourite place to write and just this week two new eateries opened up – Rice Boi, which I’ve tried and is fabulous, and Saltwater, next on my list. There’s a new bar due to launch next week and already the place has movement again.

Lotus chips at Rice Boi

Avo smash – but not as you know it…

The new vegetarian cafe Two Point Oh at the Kontiki building in Maroochydore is doing an avo smash with a difference. On a bagel is beetroot puree, with one half of the bagel topped with avo slices, the other with smashed peas, and feta is crumbled over the lot. With rocket and lemon to complete it, it’s as pretty as a picture and tastes just as good.

Also new and on my list…

Raw + Rice the Sunshine Coast’s first poke (pronounced poke-ay) bar. It’s across the road from the Surf Club at Mooloolaba, next to Acai Brothers, and I’m keen to give it a try.

Sunshine Coast Daily headlines…

My favourite this week was:

“Are you a proud flasher? Coast police will crack down…”

A story about…wait for it… people who flash their headlights at other cars to warn them of speed traps.

A close second was:

“Snakes on the prowl…” Actually, this one was about snakes…on the prowl…for frogs.

What I wrote…

Not very much on the manuscript until Friday. Once I hit the 50,000 word mark I also reached the wall that I’d seen looming in the distance so I put it away while I got my head around writing the scene that was blocking me. I did that on Friday. It was tough.

What I blogged…

I popped up something about what I most enjoyed about the lead up to Christmas in the UK and the five things that mean Christmas in our house. I actually got some content up on the astro site after over a month off. I also posted something on the Sunny Coast site about Rice Boi – I mentioned that it was fabulous, didn’t I?

Finally, I organised all my writing posts on this site as well. If you click on the About Writing tab you’ll see everything nicely categorised in a dropdown menu. I’ve even popped some travel links in too from And Anyways. It’s starting to look the way I wanted it all to look.

What I missed…

That should read who I missed. Miss T has been in Sydney this week staying with my parents and catching up with friends. I’ve been sending her photos of Francesca the Macarena singing Christmas flamingo most days.

Ok, that was my week…how was yours?

13 Replies to “That’s a Wrap – December 3, 2017”

  1. I really enjoy reading your wrap posts Jo. I know what you mean about the gym versus walking by the beach. I’m not a gym person either. Loved your local headlines as well. Have a fabulous week and good for you being so organised with your blog! I even clicked on the About Writing when I read about your tidy up.

  2. Last week I blinked and missed it!! Though I did manage to read an entire book this past weekend so I’m slowwwwly getting better with downtime.

  3. So much joy in this post! That first photo is stunning. So many moods and it just makes me stop, look and think.

    That smashed avo is a bit fancy for me. I’m a squeezy tube kind of girl…

    Francesca is hilarious!


    1. Thanks… I try & look for the good in the week when I write these. Just how fancy is that avo? I’m very partial to a smashed avo, but they are getting a tad yesterday…I like to see places mixing it up a bit.

  4. Jo, I’d love some of that rain here in Auckland. We’ve had no decent rain here for a while now and the dryness, combined with hot winds, is playing havoc with my hayfever. It’s the last thing I needed as I tackle the downsize and get ready for the house move on Monday. I’m holding on to the fact that this time next week, we will be in the new place and settled and ready for a relaxing time over the Christmas/New Year break.

    1. We had a dry, sunny, perfect winter, but so far it’s been a tropical Spring/ All the very best with the move. This time next week…

  5. Those cafes sound goood! I haven’t had smashed avo toast in ages. Meanwhile, I was talking to my bf’s mother about flashing your brights to warn others about cops. She says they don’t really do it in California. Weird. But they flash to warn you of deer near the road.

  6. Gosh what a contrast to where you were this time last year!! Loving your posts about the local area and the food…not actually LOVING seeing what I can’t eat..but love that you do!!
    Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek 47/52. Next Week: Today I will. Final Week for 2017: Christmas Plans.

  7. You gotta love regional newspapers and the way they sometimes have to scratch around for news.

    Now I know what lotus chips are (thanks to you and Mel) I can safely say they look delicious. I also love that first pic – it’s just stunning.

    I haven’t minded the rain too much but it’s been an excuse to do less outside (including exercise – not that I was doing much) but I kinda like the rain when I’m happily entrenched at home.

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