That’s a wrap…

our frangipani

Ok, it’s been a week where lots has been done, yet I have no idea what I’ve done…does that make sense? Anyways, that’s what’s good about the discipline of these posts.

In case you missed it…

me typing the 50,000th word on Friday morning at Mooloolaba

I nailed my 50,000 word challenge for nanowrimo. I’ve still got 30,000 words to turn this great start into a novel, but the first 50,000 almost wrote itself. Thankfully I didn’t hit the dreaded manky middles until the 50k mark. Now to write my way out of it.

What I thought was really cool…

The play of the light on the water in the pool yesterday. I zoomed in – which is why the pixels are out, but it makes the whole thing look like opal, don’t you think? #nofilter

What I’m patting myself on the back for…

Being organised for Christmas. All shopping is done and wrapped. Don’t look at me like that – Miss T is going to visit her grandparents in Sydney this week so I need to send the presents down with her.

What made me happy…

Seeing our frangipani finally bloom – that’s it in the pic above.

What frustrated me…

Rain – just enough to keep me from my morning walk for most of the week.

A random flower pic…

This one. It was sitting in a jar at my friend’s hairdresser’s in Wellington. Why do I like it? Just because.






6 Replies to “That’s a wrap…”

    1. Yes, the tree is up. We normally do it the 1st Sunday in December, but with Sarah going away figured we’d do it while we’re all here.

    1. Oh man!That would be a nightmare – good luck with it. Yes, I’m organised for Christmas – partly because Sarah is off to Sydney so all the family presents need to go with her and partly because I will do my very best not to do shopping other than food shopping in December!

  1. Good one Jo on your writing. I seriously could not write at the beach though! Too much sun and distraction for moi! So, the first Chrissy away from the fam. I know that might be a good and a not so good thing. Love that your daughter is going to see her grandparents though. Our eldest GD who has both licence and car (3 years now!) is driving up to have lunch here on my birthday. We are blessed with thoughtful adult grandkids.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 46/52. Next Week: The View From Here. I see it as a visual prompt easing into 2018 “Share Your Snaps” every 5 weeks.

    1. I will miss them & I know that it’s just the start for Mum & Dad of things being different. That we’ve got to this point where we’ve all been together most years has been incredible.

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