RUBY Awards

So this happened, Happy Ever After was a finalist in this year’s Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year (RUBY) Awards.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, this is old news, and I’ve been super slack in posting here, but the truth is I’ve been getting on with finishing my new novel Escape To Curlew Cottage. It’s now with my fabulous editor, so I can catch up on all the other parts of writing – such as blogging and telling you about this.

Happy Ever After came second, and I couldn’t be prouder. I was so super excited to walk up on that stage and get my certificate that I think I might have even done a little fist pump.

My Kiwi bestie was at the awards ceremony with me – fitting given that she got a massive shout-out in Happy Ever After.

Because I came second I didn’t need to make a speech, but if I had to have I would have thanked the same people I thanked in the acknowledgements for this novel: Nicola, my amazing editor for “getting” my voice and helping me publish the best book possible; my family for the taste testing; my dog for being such a fabulous muse; and everyone who has read the book at every stage of the process – from first draft to finished product.

If you haven’t yet read Happy Ever After, you can get it from the following places:


Book Depository


Digital or paperback:


Okay, as you were!

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A big announcement…

I got some seriously exciting news a month or so ago that I’ve been bursting to tell you about…and now I can…


I’ll be presenting a workshop at this years Romance Writers of Australia Conference- Love Gone Wild.

This is huge for me – and will represent the achievement of a bucket list type goal.

My workshop is on how you can use basic astrology to help develop your characters and create the conflict that all storylines need. I wrote a bit about how I do it here, but will be talking a whole lot more about it at the Pullman Hotel in Brisbane in August.

It’s a workshop that’s aimed at anyone with an interest in understanding what makes people tick – and how this can be used to identify the deeper motivations and deal-breakers of the characters that come to life on our keyboard. You don’t need to have an understanding of astrology at all – although you might learn something about yourself if you know your own sign.

Doing presentations like this is one of the things that I pinpointed when I sat down to do my marketing strategy and document my longer-term business goals. I committed to do something this year that would align with this goal – and so I have.

Am I scared? Absolutely. Excited? Absolutely.

I’ve spoken in front of large groups of people before in a corporate environment, but this is different. For a start, this is a subject – and a group – that I care about. I certainly can’t say that about any of the work presentations or training sessions I’ve done in the past. Hopefully none of my bosses – past or present – are reading this.

Seriously though, of course I care about my job, but anything that happens in the partition world is towards the achievement of someone else’s business goals and, as a result, I was detached (to a certain level) from it. This, though, integrates the two subjects I’m most passionate about – astrology and story-telling. And yes, I’m aware that in some circles astrology is story-telling.

The organising committee have shown a lot of faith in me – and having a subject like astrology in the workshop schedule is a departure of sorts from the usual topics offered. I won’t let them down.

Will I see you at this years Romance Australia Conference – Love Gone Wild – in Brisbane? Registrations are now open.