Coming Soon: I Want You Back

Be careful what you wish for- you might just get it…

Callie is positive that everything will be perfect if only she can get Jamie, the love of her life, back – and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tiff is convinced that Matt Delaney is the perfect man for her. He ticks every item on her extensive checklist.

As for Alice, she’s absolutely positive that she’s over Luke. This time around she’s setting the rules.

Sometimes getting what you want is the easy part – it’s deciding what to do with it that is when the fun starts.

Book 1: I Want You Back

Remember Callie from Baby, It’s You? This is her story…

Hitting your virtual bookshelves in November 2019…

Book 2: Careful What You Wish For (Tiff and Jake)

Book 3: It’s In The Stars (Alice and Mac)