Clancy of the Campfire…

We’re about to head out on a road trip. Our destination is a locality called Eucumbene – in the south of NSW near the Snowy Mountains. It’s about a 40-minute drive from Cooma and the same from Jindabyne and in the … Read More


Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the weekend that Ms T and I do our annual weekend away in Melbourne. It’s something that we’ve been doing for years now – since she was about 10, I suppose…maybe … Read More

How to make crumpets

It’s winter – even if the blue sky is telling you otherwise – and at winter your fancy turns to comfort food and cups of tea. And what can be better comfort food than toasty warm crumpets with melting butter … Read More

Tyne Cot and Ypres – On Flanders Fields

Tyne Cot Just over 50 kms from Brugge (Bruges) and 40kms from Lille sits an area of farmland. There are blossoms and Cyprus trees and, at this time of the day, the birdsong is glorious. This is Tyne Cot Commonwealth … Read More


Once upon a time… Once upon a time, way back in the 13thand14thcenturies, there existed a city that was so prosperous that the wealth of its citizens rivalled that of queens. Its fortune was made on the back of textiles … Read More

La Grand Tour of France

After three fabulous weeks in France we arrived home last night – exhausted. We’ve crammed a lot into our time away and come back richer for the experience. On the road-trip leg of our holiday, we travelled over 3000 kms … Read More

When your office is a coffee shop…

I’m writing this post outdoors. I’m at one of my favourite coffee spots in Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and my view (see the pic above) from where I sit goes across a lot of green to the coast. One … Read More

That’s a Wrap…

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but I figured that as there’s not going to be a sentence a day this month… What I wrote… Not much. Work was pretty messy this week. It was the implementation … Read More

March all wrapped up…

Another month where we had more than our average monthly rainfall. In fact, it rained on 23 out of the 31 days. So much for the Sunshine Coast. Seriously though it wasn’t manky, set in for the day rain, it … Read More

The Novel Project – Week 19

Okay, yes I’ve missed a few weeks. I have been writing, but I’ve also had competing priorities with the day job and a few other bits and pieces. I think it’s what we call “life”. So, where am I up to? … Read More