NaNoWriMo – The Recap

Okay, so November is over and I should be proudly showing off my digital NaNoWriMo winner’s certificate, but I’m not – because I didn’t win this year. By win, I mean I didn’t get to my 50,000-word target.

I was on track – right up until the beginning of the last week – and then life, or rather the opposite, got in the way with the passing of a close friend.

In any case, I finished November with over 40,000 more words than what I started the month with – and that to me is a win. (As an aside, if you attempted NaNoWriMo and have more words at the end of November than you did at the beginning of the month, you’re a winner in my book.)

On the whole, this November was theoretically much easier than previous NaNo months – there were no holidays, no work projects and no time away or off the grid as there had been in previous years. The day job hasn’t even been as manic as it usually is.

Despite this I did, however, have more trouble with the whole bum-on-seat-fingers-on-keyboard thing than I do when I’m actively juggling. It’s probably why my likelihood of getting it done increases the more that I have on my plate.

I did more procrasti-watching, procrasti-blogging and procrasti-baking than I usually do too. Plus I was struck with a brilliant idea that I want to write immediately.

Instead, I’m writing copious notes and hope that the idea will still appear as brilliant as it does today when I finally finish editing Careful What You Wish For and drafting It’s In The Stars.

Discipline…it’s exceedingly over-rated.


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