Back to the Future

Settle back kids while I tell you a story…

Once upon a time – okay, it was last October – this little blogger sat down and looked at her 4 blogs:

Surely, I thought, I can make things easier for myself. The Sunny Coast and astro blogs have their own audiences that don’t tend to cross over to other sites, so I’d leave them be, but I could put all my other posts onto my author site ie this one. That way, I figured, I’d have all my audience in one place.

It made perfect sense – until it didn’t.

Although it was certainly easier for me to post to just one site, something didn’t feel right. The love had gone. Regular blogging was feeling like one more chore and I was *this* close to giving it up.

I told myself it was frustration at how slowly my author business was growing – but that wasn’t what it was about. So, in true project manager mode, I went back to look at my original scope:

When I began this site in August 2016 it was:

  • to provide landing pages for my novels
  • to market my novels
  • to provide information about the process, business, mindset and craft of writing
  • to provide information and resources for other indies (or trad) authors.

When I  started And Anyways back in 2013, it was to provide a place where I could write about everything that my astrology readers had no interest in – ie anything that wasn’t specifically related to astrology. It was where I connected with other bloggers and had fun writing about anything that took my fancy.

It occurred to me that I have 2 audiences – actually 3 if you count the astro readers, and there are rather a lot of them – and 2 reasons for blogging:

  • Business and content marketing
  • For fun, creativity and connections

In hindsight, it was a mistake to combine the 2 – I’ve lost what both sites were intended to be about. I’ve diluted the professionalism and purpose of the author page and I no longer write about some of the other subjects that interest me or participate in some of the link-ups that I used to enjoy.

In participating in regular link-ups I’ve made fabulous connections – some which have crossed over into real life, and others that I hope will someday.

And that’s when it hit me – the problem wasn’t that I no longer wanted to blog, but that I didn’t feel free to blog the way that I wanted.

I put it out to the fabulous brains trust that is a couple of my Facebook groups who pretty much confirmed my thinking. So, here’s the deal:

Joanne Tracey – The Hungry Writer

This site will revert back to being all about books and writing. That’s it. I might write about craft or the business and mindset of being an author, but this is, for all intents and purposes, a business page and needs to look, feel and read like one and be true to its niche.

And Anyways – The Rambles of a Hungry Writer

I’ll be breathing new life into this baby. I’ve already given it a facelift – pop on over and have a look.

What can you expect to see? Pretty much the things and places that inspire me, whatever I’m loving now, and anything else that I feel like rambling on with.

Naturally, there’ll be travel – and probably some food inspired by that travel. There’ll also be the weekly and monthly catch-ups, the lovin’ life linky on a Thursday, and maybe even some wellness stuff as I get into training for a long distance hike I’m planning towards in 2020 – if I can ever get this flipping ankle right. Some days it might just be a photo or three.

Brookford Kitchen Diaries

Okay, this is a secret little corner of the web that I’ve been cultivating for a few months now.  It’s where I write about what I’m cooking, what’s inspiring me, what I’m procrastibaking and what I’m testing to use in my next novel.

I don’t write regularly or to any sort of schedule and I don’t intend to – it’s my kitchen diary. You are, of course, welcome to come across and check it out from time to time, although I will link to any new recipes in my weekly round-up.

I also have a companion Instagram account @brookfordkitchendiaries where I post my foodie photos these days.

If you’ve read Wish You Were Here, you’d know that my protagonist Maxine (Max) Henderson lived in a (fictional) village in The Cotswolds called Brookford.

Max worked in a nursery in Brookford – one of those ones that sell gifts as well as plants, with a little local produce on the side.  She took what was in season and wrote a monthly newsletter for the shop – what to plant, what to harvest, and what to do with it. It was a kitchen diary of sorts, detailing what she’d been baking or cooking from the ingredients available – seasonal home cooking at it’s absolute best.

Max now lives in Queenstown and is still baking, but through her, I’ve discovered a love for writing about food – so much that my new novel, Happy Ever After, also falls firmly into foodie lit territory. This time though, food and family are closely intertwined.

Anyways, when I was looking for a name for my kitchen diary, I had to channel Max.

What happens now?

Tomorrow’s post for the Lovin’Life linky will be the last of its kind on this site. Likewise, my week in review will be on And Anyways from next week.

If you’ve signed up to receive notifications of new posts from both this site and And Anyways you might notice some duplication of posts over the next few weeks as I transfer some travel posts – especially the France posts – across to there. If you think you’ve read it before, you probably have. It might look as though I’m being very productive, but I’m not – I’m just copying and pasting.

This should all be done and dusted by the beginning of December, so thanks for bearing with me in the meantime.

If you haven’t signed up to receive an email every time I post to And Anyways. You’ll find the “follow” option in the footer or in the sidebar of any post.

For everyone who has been along with me for the ride thus far, thank you. I hope that you come to visit at And Anyways.

And if you’re interested in writing, the business of writing, and bringing a novel into the world, feel free to hang about here from time to time.

As you were…

6 Replies to “Back to the Future”

  1. Joanne,
    I’m a little confused by the changes you’re making — but totally understand what you’re looking to do. I’d love to follow your author and cooking pages. I hope I can figure it out in the coming days!

    1. Ok, the author page is this one…it’s just that I’m taking all my travel, other bloggy stuff away from it to where it used to be…yep…so confusing. I really felt like I wasn’t being either true to myself and as professional as I could be. The blog site is It’s a blog I started years and years ago & then merged with my author presence ie this one. Long, confusing story but I’m so thankful for the support and connection.

  2. I understand what you’re doing. I’ve never considered having more than one blog, but I totally get it…especially with the different topics and audiences. It’s interesting that I first connected with you (not sure via where) on the astrology site! I think I’m more likely to be a reader here (author wanna-be) or and always (which I’ll check out). Not the cooking one! Hah. I wonder if there’s another blog site in my future writing? Hmmm. visiting from #MLSTL

    1. It’s strange how it all turns out, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to being about to write about writing again here – and everything else as well. I hope you get some interest out of the writing posts…& that I see you over at and anyways.

  3. Hi, Jo – Congratulations on figuring out what works for you, and taking the leap to make the necessary changes. LIke Janet, I was a bit confused on the exact changes, but will keep persevering so that I can continue to follow your travel and insights. I look forward to reading what you have in store.

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