That’s a Wrap – 21 October 2018

Ok, it’s been a mad few weeks work wise – both in the day job and with writing projects – but I’m finally getting my head above water…I think.

Storm season is well and truly upon us – in fact as I type the sky has darkened again and my phone screen is full of severe storm warnings. We have, however, had some gorgeous blue in contrast to the rain – which, of course, we need. Check out this great pic of our local falls by @thephantomphotographer.

The week in pics

What was painful this week

I finally found my way to the podiatrist this week to attempt to deal with the ankle pain that has, of late, caused my morning walk to be more of a hobble – and a painful one at that.

At the moment it’s taped up and I’ve had to stay off it for a few days. It’s apparently a combo of:

  • underlying ankle weakness – my ankles have always been unsteady and hyper-flexive,
  • carrying too much weight,
  • my back and hips being out of alignment – as a result of me not finding a chiro or osteo since we moved,
  • trainers that have lost all their support,
  • living in thongs or bare feet, and

….well, my eyes began to glaze over at that point. Throw in a sustained effort to double my daily steps over the last 6-8 weeks and all of a sudden we have an overuse injury.

It goes without saying that I need to lose weight, but in the interim, I have to have some painful therapy on the affected calf muscle.

I’ve had this exact tendon issue in the same ankle/ lower calf a number of years ago when a booking under the influence led me to think that I could maybe learn to run. I got through it then, so will get through this one now – although I am, of course, 6 years older and nearly 10kgs heavier.

As far as wake up calls goes, it’s a good one.

What I wrote

Coming soon

I’ve finished the proof for Happy Ever After, written the blurb and acknowledgements so it’s now ready to go off for formatting – which, of course, is the point where I question myself. I am, however, very proud of this book. It’s a stand-alone, so not part of the series I’d been working on, and different to what I usually write. As I said, I’m super proud of it and hope you enjoy it too.

In the meantime, I have the structural edit back for Careful What You Wish For, so will get started on the re-write for that this week. I’m scheduled to start the draft for It’s In The Stars on November 1. It’s the last in the chick lit series that began with Baby, It’s You and will tie everybody’s stories together. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

What I cooked

I’m putting together an ebook of the recipes that I’ve used in both Happy Ever After and Wish You Were Here, so my daughter’s workplace is getting plenty of morning teas.

This week they got a plate of these chocolate choc-chip cookies.

Tomorrow they’ll be scoring this oaty ginger slice that Max cooked in Wish You Were Here.

What came out of the Sunday Lunch Decision Bowl

Brouhaha Brewery in Maleny.

We took a stroll up Maple Street and checked out the second-hand bookshops and then shared a pizza and some pork scratchings at the brewery. Perfect.

What I’m looking forward to

Hubby’s birthday on Friday and then Ms T and I are heading to Sydney to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday with the family.

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16 Replies to “That’s a Wrap – 21 October 2018”

  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle pain, Jo. I hope the therapy will help strengthen the calf muscle and resolve the issue. I’m impressed by such great progress on your books. Your daughter and her work colleagues must love you to pieces. Have a great weekend and fun trip to Sydney! #lifethisweek

    1. Thanks Natalie. I’ve done this before, so know just how painful the therapy will be, but it needs to be resolved, so teeth gritted and all that. Have a great week.

  2. I love reading your ‘that’s a wrap’ posts Jo and I can’t wait to read your new book. You know I’m a fan and have read all of yours to date. We had a bad storm yesterday afternoon but usually they bypass us and head to your neck of the woods. Take care of your ankle and listen to your body! I hope it improves but don’t rush it. Have a beautiful week and thanks again for the ‘wrap’!

    1. Thanks Sue. Last time this happened I was 3 weeks out from doing The Routeburn Track and I know I rushed back too soon that time. I’m trying to recall what he told me to do back then – which I didn’t do! Have a great week.

  3. I hope your ankle situation is fixed up soon Jo! I had years of plantar fasciitis and it meant I couldn’t walk anymore. It was not good so I sympathise! As for your writing efforts – BRAVO! I am in awe! I would like to write a book but need a story idea to appear in my brain cells and then know where to start! I absolutely love your recipe eBook idea to tie in with your books! Happy Birthday in advance for your hubby and your Dad. Enjoy your trip to Sydney with your daughter! I’m off to Melbourne on Wednesday. I’m terricited (terrified + excited). Mostly though, the trip away will be so refreshing. I’ve been nowhere since Mooloolaba in February!

    1. Enjoy Melbourne – it’s such a great spot for a break, you’ll have a ball.Have a great week – and safe flights.

  4. Joanne – congrats on your new book! As part of my debt reduction, I am focused on reading library books and yours are not yet available in Chicago libraries – they sound great. Perhaps I’ll need to add them to a birthday/Christmas wish list.

    1. Thanks Janet…I’m trying so hard not to buy books too – I added up how much I spend on them & it’s enough for an extra holiday a year. My to be read pile is huge, so I think I’m going to have to set myself some mini spending challenges.

  5. Such a busy week, Jo – I need a nap just reading about it! 🙂
    Congratulations on finishing your proof for Happy Ever After, That is quite an accomplishment!

  6. My podiatrist wants me to work on my calves and I can really feel that they need it now. But I keep forgetting to do stretches. I need to go back for a follow up appointment but I don’t seem to have the mental energy for that right now so I’m ignoring it haha.

    It’s so exciting that you have Happy Ever After coming out! P Lease do tag me when it comes out and I’d be happy to share it on social media.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I’m hopeless at remembering stretches. I’m actually using the move reminder on my fitbit to do it!

  7. Wow, it’s sure been a busy time for you Jo! Congrats on the book news and hope all the editing and other stuff works out. I can imagine the foot pain and hope you can get it sorted it’s hard when we try to do the right thing and then we get an overuse issue! Wishing you well 🙂 #lifethisweek

  8. Oh my. I know about the pain in the feet and everywhere else…and how, despite our best efforts, we ‘still’ have it. I am much older than you, it was probably close to your age, I had to accept with the wisdom of my podiatrist that Brooks sneakers with specially made orthotic and it turned out Birkenstocks are perfect for my problem. If I try to wear anything without arch support for more than ‘the looks’ and little walking, I pay for it.
    I think it’s more about our bodies’ wear and tear and even at my heaviest, my podiatrist said my weight was not a factor. So…best of luck and all that.
    Just when you were keen to move more you can’t. Sigh.
    Thanks for sharing the latest and the recipes which of course look ace. Happy Birthdays all round and I hope the visit for your Dad’s is a special one as I know you have put a lot into this!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is “I want this”. Denyse
    Denyse x

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