Chateaux of the Loire Valley: Chateau du Clos Lucé

Details make perfection and perfection isn’t just a detail.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Chateau du Clos Lucé was Leonard Da Vinci’s home in Amboise. Francois I (who I will from now refer to as Frank the first) set him up here for the last three years of his life. Frank gave him a pension and a title, Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect of the King. Impressive, hey?

Frank even had a tunnel built between Clos Lucé and Amboise Castle so neither of them had to walk the 400 odd metres in order to have a chat. There is quite a steep hill to climb from Amboise to Clos Lucé, so maybe that’s why.

Anyways, Leo’s main role at this point in time was to design, invent and generally impress Frank – which he seemed to do successfully.

There are rooms here devoted to his designs. He envisaged the helicopter, parachute and car jack, but was also consumed by designs for weapons of mass destruction like the catapult, the cross-bow, the machine gun, the armoured tank and the fortress. He even formed opinions on health and medicine. This guy seriously was smarter than anyone else at everything he turned his hand to.

The gardens outside were just as interesting and we spent ages wandering around.

Scattered throughout the gardens are replicas of his drawings and designs brought to life.


After we finished with Leo’s house we wandered down the hill into Amboise, the town.

Along the way we passed a number of troglodytes – houses cut into the slopes and rock faces.

We’d seen a lot of these from the road – some really elaborate. Many are open for tourists to visit.


The chateau here is so big that you have to go a reasonable way down the street in order to fit it into the frame. So we stopped for beers instead – which were also huge.

Next time – our final, and my favourite chateau…

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  1. Stunning photos again, Jo and I’m so enjoying my virtual trip through France with you. Those beers are huge! I remember in Spain last year asking for a Sangria and it was like lifting a weight it was so big! At least I combined a workout with my drinking LOL 🙂

  2. Love your write up and photos, Jo. Leo was a busy guy with a good friend, wasn’t he? The huge beers, yep, to quench the thirst from visiting all these huge chateaux and gardens. #teamlovinlife

  3. I love the history lessons in your posts Jo – delivered in small doses so my brain can cope too! lol So interesting and the photographs are gorgeous. That garden!! I had never heard the term Troglodytes before – so that’s a good one to learn! I’d love to see inside those places. There is no way I could drink one of those huge beers! LOL #TeamLovinLife

  4. Hi, Jo – I’m greatly enjoying this Chateau tour with you. I’m learning lots along the way. I now know more cool information on Da Vinci. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I look forward to reading more!

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