Sentence a Day – August

August was a month that began with us still on our road-trip through NSW (you can find part 1 here and Part 2 here) and ended with business as usual. In between was a head-cold that I’m still not entirely over – a touch of asthma is still lurking around, but not enough to stop me from my morning walks.

Aside from the road trip and Eucumbene, the highlight for this month was a single ingredient dinner at Jimmy’s. This month the ingredient was pumpkin and it was featured very yummily in each of the four courses we were served. We’ve already booked in for next month!

The weather is currently gorgeous – blue skies and mild late winter days. The sun is up by 6 am and the morning shivers don’t last long. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Hubby looking for whales

Anyways, without further ado, let’s wrap this month up.

1.Canberra. Caught up with my mother-in-law, pho in Dickson, and dinner with friends at Walt & Burley in Kingston – when did Kingston get so happening?


2. Canberra – coffee with Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit, catch-up with a friend, dosa for lunch at Dosa House in Garema Place, and a wander around the Art Gallery.

3. An icy start for our drive to Eucumbene. Day 1 around the campfire and the Clancys are already on fire – metaphorically rather than literally. Culinary hit of the day was the steamed dumplings.

4. The wind howled all night – as the wind down here can do. Into Jindabyne for a wander and a tasting at Wild Brumby Distillery before an afternoon of prep and cooking around the campfire. Golden syrup dumplings cooked in the billycan went down a treat.

5. While the other Clancys went looking for snow I had some serenity time outside in the cold reading my book. Jaffles with the lot on the menu – ie leftover time.

6. Began the drive home – as far as Cowra today via a snowy Kiandra, and stops in Tumut and Young.

7. Big 600km drive to Armidale via Wellington and a forgettable lunch stop at Werris Creek. A visit to Boo Books in Armidale and dinner at our fave – The White Bull.

8. Home the long way via Gatton, Esk, Kilcoy. Dog and daughter seemed pleased we’re home – although the dog was a tad more obviously pleased to see us.

9. Nice to wake up in our own bed. Back to work and a huge load of washing – all of which smelt of the campfire.

10. A sort of sleep-in before the monthly visit to the hairdressers. I also got a notification that my little astro blog is in the top 50 astrology blogs worldwide and no. 2 Australian Astrology blog. I think that’s probably a good thing. It’s also a reminder that I need to invest more time and effort into it.

11. Markets this morning. Oh, and I made an orange and almond cake.

12. Yum cha at the Plaza for a friend’s birthday.

13. It was Monday and it was blue – does that make it a Blue Monday? (That’s one for the New Order fans – and shows my age.)

14. Drinking heaps of hot water with lemon and ginger to try and ward off an impending head cold. In other news, there’s a butcher bird singing gloriously on next door’s aerial.

15. The head cold has a hold – first one in a couple of winters, but I fear it’s so bad it could be man flu. I prescribe myself whisky and chicken dumpling soup.

chicken dumpling soup

16. Feel like total crap and took my first sick day since about 2011. In other news, adding substantially to Kleenex’s revenue.

17. The head cold has turned to asthma and breathing and talking at the same time is a challenge I’m not quite up to.

18. Feeling a tad better today so made strawberry jam – as you do.

19. Decision Bowl lunch at Junk (Maroochydore) today, beach roads closed due to Sunshine Coast marathon, ordered Vietnam photo books, and Rake is back on telly.

20. Sunrise is getting so early – I think we might have seen the last one for this year.

Random trivia: Did you know that each colour of Bassett’s Jelly Babies – there are 3 million of them sold in the UK every week – has a name? And they all start with B. Don’t say you don’t learn anything from this blog.

21. Happy 50th to my sister. Wishing you all the best Tommy…

22. Recipe and foodie website launched – a new place for all things foodie. Welcome to the Brookford Kitchen Diaries.

a random shot of yoghurt and strawberries

23. Clarity around the new project that I’m not yet ready to talk about…watch this space. Roads and parking already closed around the beach in readiness for the Ironman 70.3 this weekend.

24. Friday = work on my novel day. Some words written – many more deleted.

25. Markets and a walk down to have a look at Flinders Fair. Gotta love the fete days at these posh schools – they absolutely have their priorities right with the largest space given over to the bar.

26. Astro get-together, lunch at Nguyen Bros, and rain – we need it but.

27. Roads and parking still closed around the beach after yesterday’s Ironman. All this disruption for one race that lasts half a day. Oh, and dolphins. Mondays are always better with dolphins.

28. Single ingredient dinner at Jimmy’s tonight. The ingredient? Pumpkin.

29. Cracker of a day which apart from my morning walk was spent mostly inside at my desk.

30. Dolphin sightings again this morning on the walk, work and a homemade tom yum soup for dinner.

31. Lunchtime sausage sandwich on Alex Hill. A lovely way to end the month.

What I’m reading:

I read six books this month, but the highlights were two memoirs by British food writer, Nigel Slater: Toast and Eating For England

What I’m Watching:

  • Jack Irish (ABC) Series is now ended, but I think still available on iview
  • Shakespeare & Hathaway (ABC) Series is now ended, but I think still available on iview
  • Rake (ABC) Yay, Cleaver’s back!
  • 800 Words (Channel 7)
  • Detectorists (ABC) Earlier series is on Netflix
  • The Split (ABC)
  • The Chefs Line (SBS) (Catch up on SBS on-demand)
  • All Aussie Adventures (It’s time to hit the road) (Channel 10)

24 Replies to “Sentence a Day – August”

  1. Hi, Jo – August looks like it has been a fun-filled month for you. I checked out the Brookford Kitchen Diaries. That, and this post, have made me very hungry! I’m heading into my kitchen right now!!

  2. Oh yum! I love pumpkin – it’s one of my favourite ingredients and the number of dumplings in this post is especially pleasing. I must check out your astro blogging – I studied astrology for a while and wish I could pick up where I left off. I love it so! As for the jelly babies, I heard it here first! I will have to do some investigating and tasting when I’m in the UK later this month 🙂

    1. I read the jelly baby thing in the Nigel Slater book – it’s a fabulous collection English foodisms…including the names of the jelly babies.

        1. Thanks Sue, I don’t give my astro site anywhere near the love I should these days so it’s all a tad ironic really! Have a great week…

    1. Gotta love a good jaffle. When we write our Clancy of the Campfire cookbook there’ll be a whole chapter on the mighty jaffle.

    1. It was very pretty – but I was a nervous wreck by the time we got through it…and I was just the passenger!

  3. August seems to have been a busy and fun month for you. I’ve just come from another post with lots of delicious looking photos to yours and my tummy has a lot to say about it, hehe.

  4. I really enjoyed your month Jo, especially the big road rip you did recently. Hope you’re feeling better now and good on you for continuing with your walks! I’m taking note of the books you read during the month 🙂

  5. I’m from Texas, and so many of the terms you used in your post went right past me although they were fun to read. I did understand the Orange and Almond Cake and will take a look at that one! Hoping I “get” the ingredients and measurements. Brenda #MLSTL

  6. Wow, that was the month that was! At the age of 69 my husband now has a morning preventative as his breathing out was not effective enough. He had asthma as a kid so it does seem to catch up with us.
    My 19 yo Granddaughter and her Boyfriend are in Jindabyne working in a bakery owned by a person her Dad went to school with. The two were at loose ends in Sydney and she has needed the change too, so in March that’s where they went and they seem to be going OK. She has had a couple of trips back to her Mum in Rouse Hill, I admit.
    Congrats on the astrology blog place!
    Thanks for linking up this week for #lifethisweek Next week’s optional prompt is Travel Tips. Denyse

  7. Kleenex must love winter and all the nose blowing associated with it (I guess there’s all the hayfever sufferers to keep them going through Summer). I went through a box I’m sure in one day.
    Loved all your food pictures – you certainly eat out a lot – we seldom do, so I live vicariously through your pictures! #MLSTL 🙂

    1. We lunch out every Sunday – unless there’s something else on. I cook to relax as well – which is a)why I don’t lose weight and b) why you’ll always have foodie pics on my pages lol

  8. I’ve enjoyed watching Jack Irish! Russell Coight doesn’t seem so funny the second time around 🙂

    The darn head cold lurgy has hit me this week, just when I had schools coming through the gym. Expected though when I work with kids, I get the bugs too!

  9. I love the idea of summarizing each day in a single sentence (and find an accompanying photo). I think I may try this as a journaling idea in the month of October 🙂 #mlstl

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