101 things in 1001 days

A couple of weeks ago I read a post by The Annoyed Thyroid. It was an update on her 101 things in 1001 days challenge. It interested me, so I did some more research at Day Zero Project.

The challenge is to come up with 101 things that you want to achieve in the next 1001 days – that’s about 2.75 years. The theory is that for people like me with long-term dreams and a short-term focus, this sort of time period gives you a better chance of achieving the big stuff – it covers seasonal consideration and gives time for bookings, training etc, but also allows lots of smaller wins along the way to keep you going.

The deal isn’t so much to change the world as you know it – although who says that you can’t? – but rather to have somewhere and someway to keep track of all those little, middle and big things that you say you want to do someday.

It’s about ticking off achievable milestones along the way to bigger projects. The only criteria are that tasks must be really specific – measurable or clearly defined – realistic and represent some amount of effort on my part. My challenge starts today, August 27, 2018, and will end on May 24, 2021.

The hardest part of the challenge? Breaking things down to come up with 101 – and keeping it reasonably realistic. To do that I broke it down into categories. Although me being me, I’ve also thrown in some pie in the sky stuff too – I had to.

And for the positive living police, the weight loss thing is there for health reasons. My big aim is to do a 100km+ walk and at my current weight that’s way too much pressure and stress on my joints, heart and back. Ok?

Oh, and for Sam at The Annoyed Thyroid? There’s another one you can cross off your list.

Ok, here goes:

Personal, Health and Fitness

1.Lose 5kgs

2. Lose another 5kgs

3. Lose another 5kgs

4. Lose another 5 kgs

5. Have a photo shoot – outside, casual with decent hair

6. Get a decent bio pic and update my websites

7. Take a tai-chi class

8. Take a yoga class

9. Take a pilates class

10. Walk the path from Pt Cartwright to Golden Beach

11. Nail the Lara Drive stairs

12. Walk up the Ballinger Rd hill

13. Walk up the Dixon Rd hill

14. Walk up the Cogill Rd hill (there are a lot of hills in Buderim)

15. Walk up Emu Mountain

16. Walk up Mt Coolum

17. Average 10,000 steps a day for 30 days. Done.

18. Get into a meditation habit

19. Write the family history – on the Lyons side

20. Write the family history – on the Hamilton side

21. Update my will

22. Learn how to take decent food pictures

23. Learn how to style brown food

24. Drive on the highway without having an anxiety thing

25. Go 30 days without spending money on books or music – not even if it’s a bookbub special.

26. Get better at French – duolingo

27. Learn basic Italian – duolingo

28. Read 10 memoirs

29. Read 5 craft or business books

30. Put our France photos into a digital photo book

31. Put our UK photos into a digital photo book

32. Put our Vietnam photos into a digital photo book. Done.

Blog and Writing

33. Finish writing my France blogs

34. Send out a monthly newsletter – every month

35. Publish Happy Ever After

36. Publish I Want You Back (Careful What You Wish For #1)

37. Finish the Tiff Book (Careful What You Wish For #2). Done.

38. Publish the Tiff book

39. Finish the Alice book (Careful What You Wish For #3)

40. Publish the Alice book

41. Release the Careful What You Wish For series as a box set

42. Publish ebook of recipes used in Wish You Were Here and Happy Ever After and use as a lead magnet for the newsletter

43. Set up Max’s kitchen diaries blog – Brookford Kitchen Diaries. Done.

44. Set up Clancy of the Campfire website. Done.

45. Publish Clancy of the Campfire

46. Write The Lilac Queen

47. Write the first book in the Alice Delaney mysteries

48. Write the first book in the Rambling Rose series

49. Mad About The Mac – the definitive mac cheese cookbook

50. Astro site – a monthly newsletter – every month

51. Astro – Jupiter ebook

52. Astro – Saturn ebook

53. Astro – beginners course

54. Astro – diary and planner

55. Astro – Moon ebook

56. Replace my day job income with income from writing etc


57. Sleep in a tent

58. Do a road trip to Cairns

59. Do a road trip to Adelaide

60. Stay at the Eastern & Oriental in Penang

61. Have tiffin at Raffles

62. Walk up Queenstown Hill

63. Walk the lighthouse track in Byron Bay

64. Walk up Mount Warning in Byron Bay

65. Swim with sea-turtles

66. Snorkel in the Barrier Reef

67. Ride a horse along the beach at Noosa

68. Take a Noosa Everglades cruise

69. Fly business class

70. Eat at one of the world’s top 100 restaurants

71. Have Christmas in the UK

72. Wear a proper dressed up dress and heels for Christmas in the UK

73. Attend a Christmas midnight mass in a village church in the UK

74. Do a long distance walk in the UK – eg The Cotswolds Way, The Ridgeway, Hadrian’s Wall

75. See bluebells in a bluebell wood

76. Take a cruise to the Baltics for hubby’s 60th

77. Visit St Petersburg (as above)

Foodie Stuff

78. Make rice noodles

79. Make dumplings

80. Perfect pasta

81. Make potato gnocchi that doesn’t bounce

82. Make focaccia. Done.

83. Cook a steak to medium rare (hubby usually does this)

84. Make an omelette (he does this too)

85. Make decent scrambled eggs (and this – but I’m great at boiled and fried eggs)

86. Make a piccalilli

87. Preserve something for later

88. Make cannoli

89. Try 10 new meat-free dishes

90. Try 10 new soup recipes

91. Try 5 new ice creams or frozen desserts

92. Make more ice-cream

93. Make honeycomb

94. Be meat-free for 30 days

95. Make a proper tiramisu

96. Make marmalade

97. Make lemon curd

98. Make light as air cupcakes

99. Make a Victoria sponge

100. Make a Tarte Tatin


101. Inspire someone else to write down 101 things to do in 1001 days.




43 Replies to “101 things in 1001 days”

  1. Way to go! I’ll be interested to see if you get them all done. I do love the idea of lists to keep us on track. Each year we write down 5 things we want to achieve the following year. I usually get 3 of them!

  2. My favourite one out of all of them is ‘Learn how to style brown food’. It’s something I never really thought about (because I can’t take photos of food to save my life) but you’re so right, brown food has to be one of the toughest to photograph.
    Kudos to you for even putting this list together. If it were me, my #1 item would be ‘write this list’ because I doubt I’d even get that far.

  3. What a great list. I like that you have cooking in there. I’m not a cook, and don’t care to, but I like the simplicity and achievability of it. I think we sometimes aim for the big and expensive things, when it can be as small as ‘do a cartwheel’ (let me tell you, that one took quite a bit of courage for me!). Nice one. The satisfaction of crossing them off is the same, big or small.

    1. It’s funny, but it’s the small wins that give you the impetus to keep going with the bigger stuff.

  4. I love the way you’ve broken down your list Jo. 101 things sounds like a lot and I’m sure it is when you start trying to write a list, but you’ve made a good all round, encompassing list of achievable things. All the best for your next 1001 days! #lifethisweek

    1. It was so tough to write – took me a lot of mulling over when I should have been doing other things, but in the end I broke bigger goals down into things I need to do along the way.

  5. What a fantastic list – I’m not sure I could put my head into coming up with 101 things – but it’s a great idea (maybe I should start with 10 in 101 days?!!) I’m going to re-read your list and see if there’s some stuff on there I can do too – the 5kg x 2 would be a good start – and I’d love to try yoga – at least I’ve ticked off Tai Chi!

    1. What I did pretty much was break down some of my bigger goals to what I need to do to get there. It was the only way I could come up with 101 things & it makes my bigger goals ie the long distance walk I want to do in the UK more achievable.

        1. The photo I use at the moment for freelance/book stuff is about 10 years old…promise you won’t tell anyone?

  6. Great list! And – if you don’t have to complete the list in order, you may have just hit your #101. I’ve created many a list – and when I look back on old journals and lists, I sometimes get depressed at the repetition evident in each one. But today I am pondering another — and seeing if making it public might make a difference. I have many a publishing dream ….

    1. Go for it! Writing it was tough, but I just broke it down into what my larger goals were & what I needed to do in terms of milestone. eg I want to make a living from writing so that means my next few books need to be scheduled. I want to walk 100kms through the Cotswolds (or somewhere) so all the other stuff needs to happen to get there. You don’t need to complete in order, the key is to make some large, some small, some cheap, some not, but all achievable. Go for it, I say (then I can cross off 101 lol)

  7. Jo – I also hope to make a living from writing. I should admit that until I schedule and track my progress, it remains a hope rather than a goal. I’ll keep you posted when I get the list complete….

  8. Yay! I’m so pleased you wrote a list too (and not just because now I can cross something else off too!)

    It’s such a shame we don’t live nearer because quite a few of our goals are the same/similar and we could really help each other out! I look forward to following along (but not in a stalky way) and see you make all those tickety ticks!

    1. Thanks for inspiring me! I found it easier to break down my huge goals and go from there. I’ll make sure I keep you updated 🙂

  9. I’m big on lists and having goals and dreams so I really enjoyed your post. I’ve learned that sometimes life gets in the way but that doesn’t mean we give up, we just have to make adjustments. I’m looking forward to reading about our 101 things Jo, and thanks for an inspiring way to start Monday. xx

    1. Thanks Sue. I’ve broken all my big goals down into bite-sized chunks, but also the time-frame is manageable.

  10. Oh you’ve made me hungry now – I want dumplings! I used a really easy recipe to learn to make them. I’ll see if I can dig it up for you.

  11. Hi, Jo – This list seals the deal for me. We are definitely kindred spirits!! There are so many items that I could have written myself (and figured that nobody else would have)!
    BTW – If you ever get a photo shoot with decent hair, please let me know the secret!!

    1. We absolutely must be kindred spirits Donna…you’ll need to write your own list and we can cheer each other along.

  12. I love this challenge Josnne and the way you’ve broken up the list. I’m thinking seriously of joining you as I think it would be a great way of keeping focus. By the way about three years ago I walked 100k in 24 hours so can tell you that it’s definitely a do-able goal. #MLSTL Shared on SM

    1. You absolutely should join in. I’d love to see your list. As for the 100k in 2 days – I’m thinking more of a pub to pub type of thing, but where (and how) did you do that? There’s an even in the UK – Race to the Stones that does the Ridgeway (100kms) in 2 days…

      1. Joanne the walk wasn’t an event. My friend and I just decided to do it as part of my training for the Camino de Santiago. We walked from Flinders Street Station in Melbourne to Sorrento – 108 Ka to be exact.

        1. That’s amazing – both the training walk and the Camino. I’ll have to ask you about that some time.

  13. I made a 101 in 1001 list yeeeeaaars ago and had forgotten about it all until I read this. I love how you’ve broken things down to manageable sizes. Looking forward to seeing how you go

    1. Thanks for dropping by Becky. I’ll be posting updates quarterly – maybe I should have put that on my list too?

  14. Wow Jo – you’ve done well to write down 101 things. A while back I started writing a bucket list. I think I wrote 30 things on it and I don’t think I’ve done any of them. I need to be more realistic in my goal planning perhaps. I do like this idea better. I like the concept of thinking what it is you want to achieve and do, writing it down and finding a way to actually start to tick them off. Life is short and we should do all the things we want to do, where we can. I look forward to your updates and I’m sure you’ll be ticking away in no time! 🙂

    1. Thanks Min. I have a bucket list too – of course I do – but this is more stuff I’m taking out of the bucket and aiming to get done. I broke the big goals down so I can have some small wins along the way.

  15. I salute you and honour your choices. A lot of moving and a lot of discovering and achieving.

    You never know till you give it a go.

    Good one.

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt for 36/52 is Taking Stock. Denyse

  16. I absolutely LOVE this idea! But… I’m not sure I can break down ideas into 101 bite-size pieces. Nevertheless, I am pinning to #mlstl board for future reference and inspiration 🙂

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