Boiled eggs and sardines…

In the opening scene of the most recent (and I think best) version of Murder on the Orient Express, a servant boy is seen running around town to fetch some fresh eggs. The eggs are boiled and presented beautifully in front of Kenneth Branagh’s  Poirot who then takes out a ruler, measures them and sends them away. Although (we assume) they are cooked perfectly, Poirot requires them to be perfectly matching. he has a thing about that. Off runs the boy again for some more eggs.

I have no such hang-ups – as you can see from the pic above. the eggs were the same size so I suspect one egg cup is wider than the other. Whatever.

I can’t remember the last time that I had boiled eggs and soldiers – it was probably the last time I was sick. Yet I craved them all last week – presumably because I wasn’t well. It was nothing serious – just a head cold followed by a couple of days of asthma as head colds tend to go with me. Let’s just say that the shareholders of Kleenex would have been happy with me.

It was, however, the first head cold I’d had in at least 18 months, maybe 2 years, and my first sick day since 2011. Come to think of it, maybe it was more serious than a cold – it might have even been man flu.

As well as the boiled eggs, I also had sardines on white toast for brekky one morning – another dish from my childhood that I have a hankering for only when I’m sick. Naturally, I didn’t have the boiled eggs at the same time as the sardines – that would just be too gross.

I’m fussy about each as well. The eggs have to be soft-boiled but with the whites set. The toast has to be plain white bread with proper butter, and the sardines have to be John West and squashed quite thinly on the toast.

As far as cravings go, the sardines are, I grant you, an unusual one – and something I didn’t even crave when I was pregnant. It did, however, get me thinking about comfort food.

When I’m feeling tingly in the throat or my energy is a tad low a bowl of pho or Thai Boat Noodle soup is usually enough to lift me back up. I always have home-made chicken stock in the freezer and a bag of dumplings, so it’s also easy to knock together a chicken dumpling soup.

My ultimate comfort food of choice is, however, Hainanese chicken rice – it’s sometimes also called white-cooked chicken. It’s essentially poached chicken that’s sliced and served cold with a bowl of the stock, some chilli sauce, kecap manis (sweet, sticky soy), minced ginger and shallots, cucumber and rice that’s also been cooked in the stock.  I haven’t found a good one here on the coast so we make our own. It’s simple, full of flavour, and seriously comforting.

Hainan Chicken Rice – not my pic – mine is never styled this nicely

It’s probably no wonder that I put on weight when I’m sick!

Anyone else out there craves certain foods when they’re a tad low? I’d love to know…your secret is safe here…

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17 Replies to “Boiled eggs and sardines…”

  1. I swear by hot sour thai soups – extra garlic and chilli thrown in for good measure. You sweat the virus out….It needs to be noted I’m not a doctor, but it works for me.

    1. It usually works for me too – it’s only the most stubborn of viruses that can beat the amount of garlic, chilli & ginger that I eat! I almost have to respect them (the viruses, that is) for getting through it!

  2. Hot chicken or beef noodle soup with chili and ginger work for me. I love the Hainan chicken rice dish, too. The best I had was in Hong Kong.

    1. You know, even though I’ve had some amazing ones in Singapore and Malaysia, I think the best I’ve had (chicken rice, that is) was in Hong Kong too!

  3. My goodness – you like your boiled eggs and your sardines on toast exactly like I do! I also crave things like this from my childhood when I’m not well. I have never had Hainanese chicken rice – ever but now I want some! #TeamLovinLife

  4. Home made chicken pho here for the win. But Hainanese Chicken oh yum. Had some in Singapore last year and whilst I can’t abide that flabby skin on it, I just peeled that off and loved it with rice and side flavours.
    And I love sardines on toast but I like to mash mine up with good quality olive oil, finely chopped preserved lemon and a good grind of pepper.

    1. Oooh, your sardines sound posh – and super yum. I mash them in the can with olive oil, but might try them your way some time.

  5. I am sitting here sick – just a head cold but my first for the year and it’s killing me. I am trying to create a presentation for next week but struggling. I hate being sick. Not sure I have comfort food. Your comfort food looks good though.

    1. A head cold is truly awful. I’m glad that I’d pre-scheduled a heap of stuff because there were a few days there were I was good for nothing save being overly dramatic. Get well soon.

  6. I must admit I like my soft yolk boiled eggs with soldiers any time! When I’m sick I like veggie soup and crumpets – homemade preferably. I hope you’re on the mend.

  7. You’ve reminded me I’ve got an ‘I hate soup’ post floating around in my drafts somewhere. But it’s more about it not being fulfilling than anything else for me. Though perhaps that’d be different post-surgery.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I’m fighting off a sore-throat that only started yesterday so hoping it doesn’t become something worse.

    It’s good though to be able to satisfy cravings during times like that and treat yourself well. I felt bad about missing pilates last night and had messaged my instructor but she reminded me that I had to look after myself so I felt less guilty after that.

    Hope / glad you’re on the mend!

  8. Home made chicken broth by the mug, fresh ginger tea, lemon & honey, and any kind of thick vegetable soup are my “go to” foods when I’m sick Jo. While I tend not to eat bread as a rule, when I’m sick I do enjoy the odd piece of toasted crusty bread with butter and Vegemite – it’s a “back to childhood” thing I’m quite sure.
    Like you I’ve also had a cold this week – my first for the year too – and had 3 days off work, because, well, in my book that’s what sick leave is for (thank you, thank you, whoever instituted paid sick leave all those years ago)!! In spite of having to cancel lots of appointments and reschedule them so that my calendar for next week is ridiculous, it was just the best decision to stay home and rest. Hope you’re feeling better xx

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