Sentence a day – June

June is done and we’re into the middle of winter. I suspect that I’ve acclimatised as I’ve really felt the cold so far this winter. Don’t look at me like that, the nights can get a tad chilly! Besides, I’m writing this at the airport in Melbourne where it’s really cold. Anyways, enough of the complaints, let’s wrap up June – in a sentence, or two, a day.

1. The morning spent writing at the Surf Club and the afternoon spent baking cookies and lasagne. This is what the first day of winter in Queensland looks like.

2. Friends up from Sydney for the weekend. Made a French Savoury Cake to go with tonight’s bubbles.

3. Fish and chips on the beach for lunch.

4. Monday morning walk, work, lunch at Korean, and a sad goodbye as my friends head back to Sydney.

5. Walk and work.

6. It’s cold – yes, even in Queensland. It’s a wear your uggies to work kind of day. Luckily I work from home. (As an aside, this isn’t me working…)

7. If you can’t say anything nice, talk about the weather – I worked and it rained.

8. Hairdressers, more rain, some baking, and some words.

9. Woke to the sad news that Anthony Bourdain had died. He travelled the way I like to travel – street food, real culture, to the gritty soul of a place.

Street art from Hosier Lane – I’m disappointed that someone has tagged this.

10. Lunch at Saltwater and finished binge-watching Collateral.

11. Queens Birthday holiday in Sydney so I have the day off – sort of, I still did a few hours. Anyways, a walk this morning and a picnic up at Mary Cairncross Park. And a photo of One Tree Hill.

12. Way too nice a day to be stuck inside working…just saying.

13. Take yesterday and repeat.

14. Back to back meetings and friends up from Sydney for the night.

15. Nambour Show Day so a public holiday. Dinner at Maroochy Surf Club with friends and a big win on the meat trays.

16. Off to Sydney – where it’s cold. Unplanned drinkies tonight with a girlfriend to watch the Socceroos.

17. Took a long walk around the city, lunch at the Opera Bar, and a look at my fave tree. You can read about it here. Shivered through the bus ride home.

18. Wind is icy this morning and I think I’ve put on every layer I brought with me. Good to see my colleagues in the office, and dinner in Castle Hill with friends.

19. Woke after a bad night feeling completely wrecked – too many late nights I suspect. Rainy and cold getting into work this morning and a weird pink sky tonight on the commute home.

20. There was an accordion player busking in Wynyard tunnel this morning playing “The Final Countdown”. Not only was I singing it all day, but it was weirdly uplifting. Out for dinner with friends – I’m way too old and tired for all this gallivanting on a school night.

Wynyard Tunnel

21. Heading home after work today. Jetstar flight right on time. #winning

22. Lunch at The Dock, blue skies and coffee with a friend.

23. My first attempt at homemade crumpets declared a success.

24. Can’t be faffed driving around looking for a carpark in Noosa so a redraw from the Decision Bowl had us having lunch at Rice Boi. Good result.

Pork bao

25. Ms T in Sydney for the week. I’ll see her in Melbourne on Friday.

26. Fun fact – in Cantonese wonton literally means “swallowing cloud” because they float in the broth like small clouds. That piece of trivia is much more exciting than my day – which was grey and a busy one in the office.

27. It’s raining again – some half decent words were written to try and get me out of the timeline tangle I’ve written myself into.

28. Missing my Nan today – she would have been 100. Man, she would have loved that – any excuse for a party!

29. Did you know that Speedo, the Aussie swimsuit company, was founded in the 1920s in Sydney by a Scotsman – Alexander McRae – who was born in a small highland fishing village near Loch Kishorn? Neither did I. In other news, off to Melbourne for a long weekend with MsT. Flight delayed, dumplings for lunch, best plate of pasta in recent memory for dinner, and something simply stupendous for dessert – but you’ll need to tune in on Thursday for the details.

30. A walk up to Brunswick for the best pizza ever. Seriously. Shopping this afternoon and continuing the Italian theme for dinner at Cecconis. Oh, how I love this city…I truly think I could be Italian…just saying

What I read

June was a huge reading month – all of the above. My read of the month? Lisa Ireland’s The Art of Friendship.

What I watched

  • Masterchef (of course)
  • Collateral (on Netflix)
  • I’ve just started watching Secret City on Netflix and am hooked. Canberra has never looked so interesting.
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway (ABC)
  • Poldark (ABC)

What I listened to

Aside from the usual podcasts I listen to while I’m working, I’ve discovered Branch Out – the podcast from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. It’s for research purposes.

How was your month? Read, watched or listened to anything great?

23 Replies to “Sentence a day – June”

  1. Sounds like a great month Jo, with a little bit of everything. Isn’t it sad the way life moves on. I had completely forgotten about Anthony Bourdain. When can I come for some of your delicious cooking? I couldn’t see the titles of the books you have read, but like me you are an avid reader. What did you think of the Wife Between Us? Twists and turns for sure. Have a great July, and thanks for the lovely photo of Sydney Harbour my home town. xx

    1. The Wife Between Us had some fabulous turns. I loved it to pieces. Here’s to a fab July.

    1. I shouldn’t say this Natalie, but winter for us gets down to…wait for it…about 18C here in Qld. There’s very little to complain about. We’ve just spent the weekend in Melbourne so we can have a real dose of winter – and I’m off to the Snowies later this month.

  2. I absolutely ADORE that photo of the lifeguard station. It’s so gorgeous. Great job. And as for winter, I totally agree. This year it showed and it’s been colder than we’ve had for years. Brrrr.

    1. Hi Anne, I’ve been doing it for about 12 months now, it’s just a couple of minutes a day & is a real habit for me now.

  3. Thank you for sharing your June with us , Jo. I’ve been inspired and am trying A Setence A Day for July. It’s hard. I can’t just write one sentence!

    SSG xxx

  4. I could go some of those biccies you baked by dipping them in a cuppa. Yum. I have been around, through and near the Opera Bar but have never eaten nor had a drink there. I think because I am not really a socialiser of late but enjoy a once a fortnight coffee and cake with my new neighbour. I know you HAVE to do the city job but it is a wrench now to come away from where you feel so much at home.
    How sweet was that sentence about your grandmother. 100!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is “My Home Country” 28/52. Denyse x

    1. It is a wrench to leave the Sunny Coast…but needs must, I guess 🙂 Have a great week, Denyse.

  5. Wow! I thought I read a lot each month; that is a huge list. They look like great books too.

    1. It was a big month – helped along because I was in Sydney for work which meant a long bus commute each day.

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