The Decision Bowl

Each Sunday morning we’d have the same discussion. It usually went along the lines of “what are we doing today Mum?”

That problem has now been solved. Enter the Bowl…or The Decision Bowl, to give it its full title.

The bowl, an old Chinese bowl which used to hold a candle that I’d bought at the markets one time, now holds folded pieces of paper on which are written Sunday lunch destinations.

The process is simple: anyone can add to the bowl, with the draw happening on a Wednesday night – in case a booking or preparation is required.

The rules

Of course, there needs to be some…

1. It must be cheap eats or moderately priced. Nothing with the main course over $25.

2. It can’t be in a food court (that rule is for my husband). It can, however, be at a shopping centre as Betty’s Burgers has just opened at Sunshine Plaza saving us the trip to Noosa.

3. You can’t just specify a cuisine eg yum cha – you have to also name the restaurant/cafe (that rule is also for my husband).

4. You can’t write the same place down more than once (yep, also for my husband).

5. We can’t visit the same place more than once a month. The next time that spot is drawn out, you have to choose something different from the menu.

6. A veto is permitted under the following circumstances:

  • A special event could impact access or parking eg Mooloolaba Triathlon.
  • There’s a weather event that will impact the chosen option eg it’s peeing (word changed as apparently my parents now read this blog…) down and we’re supposed to be having fish and chips at Mooloolaba Beach

7. Each member is allowed one veto a quarter and must thereafter smile and deal with it.

8. Every 6 weeks the draw will be made from the Brisbane Bowl.

9. Each person can exercise a wild card once a quarter and choose wherever they want – as long as it isn’t the Japanese noodle place at the food court in Sunshine Plaza (yep, that one is there for hubby too).

10. Hubby, as designated driver, retains a free veto for any distance over 40kms if he has driven over that distance in a single trip during the previous week.

11. Family commitments, special events eg birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or illness override all of the above.

12. No variation to the rules is permitted unless the whole family agrees.

13. Any disputes are to be adjudicated by Mum.

14. Kali, Adventure Spaniel, does not get a vote – mainly because she’d always agree with Mum.

The story so far

Week 1: Woombye Pub

An old-school Queensland pub, we chose to eat in the front bar from the counter menu rather than head out the back to the dining room.

The menu in the front bar is exactly what you’d expect it to be from a country pub and the meals are huge. Think chicken parmi, rissoles, fish and chips, steak sandwiches, or, my hubby’s misguided fave, lamb’s fry and bacon (eeeeeeuw).

Week 2: Fish and chips on Mooloolaba Beach

BYO wine and picnic basket.

Week 3: Saltwater at Mooloolaba

I’ve written about here before – on the Sunny Coast blog…you’ll find it here. What did we eat? Fish tacos, chowder with mussels, and mussels.

Week 4 – The Dock, Mooloolaba

Another relative newbie down at The Wharf in Mooloolaba. As an aside, I’m really loving what they’re doing down there – the place has come to life again. The menu is a good one, but we kept it simple with jalapeno poppers, chicken wings and flatbread burgers.

Week 5: Rice Boi

We originally drew out The Beach House at Noosa – the front bar area – but I used my quarterly veto because I just couldn’t be faffed with the palaver that is trying to find a car park in Hastings St on a Sunday.

Next out of the bowl was Rice Boi, a fave of ours. I’ve written about it too on the Sunny Coast blog.

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18 Replies to “The Decision Bowl”

    1. It’s such a great spot. We try and have something different each time and are never disappointed.

    1. It makes for a fun Sunday…and if we discover good food along the way? That’s just the icing on the cake.

  1. Great idea! I’m afraid my husband would fail dismally at this because his choices of restaurants are limited to about 2 or 3 local ones (that have to be BYO!) However, I’m the more adventurous one who likes to try new restaurants and cuisine.

    1. That’s why we’re doing it. Grant would suggest the same place over & over again – & so would Sarah!

  2. Brilliant plan and executed by you…even moreso.
    Love this idea and I reckon it would give more families a lesson in terms of co-operation if they did it.
    Denyse x

    1. Thankfully we’re long past both kids sports (my daughter is 20) & given that hubby’s been on a “career break” from football for the last 3 years, at nealy 57, I think football’s well & truly done!

  3. I love your list of rules!! I am such a foodie. A friend and I wanted to more regularly each out at new places around town, so I created a “Mid-week Foodie Friends” club which meets monthly. I haven’t gotten a list of rules, but since I run the club, I pretty much pick the places we go – kinda your rule #13. I do take suggestions and usually offer 2-3 options a month, but at the end of the day, I pick it. We go mid-week (Tues or Thurs) to avoid crowds… and there’s usually 6-10 of us going on any given month. All your places sound yummy…. too far for us to put on the list though! 🙂

    1. I was forever thinking I wanted to try certain places out only to forget them when it came to making the decision. This way places go in the bowl as they’re thought of.

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