Sydney Harbour Walk

Queen Victoria Building

So I’ve been in Sydney this week. I complain and whinge and carry on about having to come down, but I don’t mean it – well, I sort of do. It’s great to see family and catch up with friends. And, while I have not missed the commute, it’s even okay to be in the office with real live people. And that’s not to take anything away from my usual office partner – Kali, Adventure Spaniel and Staff Engagement Officer.

Anyways, I’ve been in Sydney, and I’ve been working hard and playing just as hard. I was going to cheat and update an old post about Masterchef challenges, but instead, I’m going to cheat and share some pics from when I was out and about in the city on Sunday.

Queen Victoria Building – looking up to the dome

I met my friend at Queen Victoria Building, and we walked down to Darling Harbour, and around to Barangaroo. Even in the 12 or so months since I’ve been gone this area has come on leaps and bounds. Oh, and no filters in the pic below – it really was that blue…and icy cold.


From here we continued to Barangaroo Reserve. On a clear day, the water is impossibly deep blue and truly does sparkle.

Then it was past Walsh Bay and under the Harbour Bridge. It’s down here by the harbour on a day like this that I see the Sydney I love. It is a picture-postcard perfect city, but I while I enjoy visiting I don’t miss living here.

Lunch was at an old favourite – the Opera Bar – with an old favourite…not that she’s old, but she’s one of my favourites…oh, you get the idea.

After lunch, we took another walk – this time through the Botanical Gardens so that I could visit a tree. Yes, a tree. This tree is a massive Moreton Bay Fig, and it has a starring role in Happy Ever After so I wanted to make sure that my memory of the tree was accurate.

It was.

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  1. Thanks for the tour and lovely photos, Jo. I’ve had Australia on my ‘to visit list’ for so long but keep changing my mind when I think of the long flights from here to there and back.

  2. I’ve only been to Sydney once (a few years ago) but I’m definitely going back – we loved Darling Harbour and the Queen Victoria Building was a favourite too. Also enjoyed the Botanical Gardens. It was lovely seeing your pics and having happy memories.

  3. Ahh love visiting Sydney and your photos have brought back sparkling memories for me. Love being around the Opera House and That Bridge, and of course the Botanical Gardens are gorgeous. I can’t believe the first time I visited was in 1983. Gawd!

    1. I remember when I was at Uni in Sydney I’d often bunk off & go for a walk through the gardens – just to get my head in the space it needed to be in. It’s a special place.

  4. Glad you shared these! George St was still an abomination when I was there in Feb and nothing much changed in May. Last time my hub and I ‘bussed’ it into the city using our Opal Cards for exactly this reason. I so want to go to Barangaroo and have a good look but we saw some of it on our taxi ride back to the apartment where we stayed the night before my recent surgery. I used to spend most of my time at Queen Vic building looking UP and down for all of the beauty that is there! D x

  5. Sydney is such a scenically abundant city and I always enjoy strolling around the harbour. It’s even more special when the weather is amazing. Lovely photos.

    1. I’ve lived most of my adult life in Sydney – before moving to Qld last year – yet Melbourne is the city I love. I see the difference between Sydney & Melbourne as being the difference between a woman in a blue sequinned dress & one in a Chanel classic black.

  6. Gorgeous pics and it looks like nice weather! I’m really slack when I visit old haunts – in terms of getting out and about, catching up with people and doing things. I’ll usually make my trip as short as possible and maybe organise one thing at the most!

    1. I did way too much this trip – I think I spent only one night at home…way too old for gallivanting on a school night!

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