Y is for…

I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

Y is for Yoga

I’ve been saying I’m going back to yoga for the whole time that we’ve lived here – and no, I still haven’t done anything about it.

The thing is, I need to. For these reasons:

  • I sit on my bum pretty much all day every day. This isn’t good for the spine and mine is already more than a tad on the dodgy side. Yoga helps with flexibility and pain management.
  • Writers live in their heads and yoga is grounding.
  • I’m a bit of a stress bunny – ok, that’s probably an understatement – and yoga calms the mind.
  • Yoga helps with neck and shoulder stiffness from sitting at a laptop all day. It can also help with repetitive strain.
  • Yoga clears the mind and can help with creativity.
  • Yoga can help you go within.
  • Yoga is a practice – just like writing
  • Nigella does it – so that’s good enough for me…