X is for

In April I’ve taken on the challenge to post for 26 days in a row. The subject? Books and writing, of course.

X is for X-perience

Ok, I’m cheating a tad…but I’m beginning to run out of ideas…

Speaking of which, it’s experience that leads to ideas. It’s why, when we travel I spend almost as much time researching the history and culture of where we’re visiting as I do planning accommodation. I like to know the stories of the destination.

We like to get under the covers of a place, visit the local supermarket, the markets, the fish or wet markets. We’ve even been known to go to livestock markets. We like to shop where they shop, eat where average people eat, use public transport, visit churches or other places of spirituality, sit in parks and coffee shops and watch people go about their daily business.

Sure, we also tick boxes – I usually have a list of places and things that I’d like us to visit or experience. It’s not a to-do list, but rather a range of choices to select from when the mood takes us or if we’re wandering aimlessly – which is another thing we like to do.

It’s from these moments that we make our experiences – and from these experiences that story springs.