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I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

O is for Office

Anyways, I was reading a post not long about how you needed a space that was inspirational in order to produce your best work. Given that I work from home – for both my day job and my writing – I figured that I’d audit mine along the same guidelines…and add a few of my own.

De-clutter your workspace and change habits that create clutter

Hmmmm. I tend to work in what I call creative chaos. I have, however, got into the habit of putting my books back on the bookshelf as soon as I’m finished referring to them. These days, I also spend 10 mins or so on a Saturday morning just tidying things up a bit so that I can start Monday with a relatively clean space.

I also file once a month (instead of once a year), do my bills weekly (instead of when a reminder comes in), and my accounts are also done weekly (instead of the mad rush before we go to the accountants at tax time).

Remove or fix anything that’s broken

Ok, I do this…although I’ve got a MacBook charger that’s waiting to be replaced as a result of a close encounter of the canine kind. With the help of some electrical tape, I’ll get a bit more life out of that yet.

Anchor your purpose in your workspace

Also on the wall is a huge daisy picture by Garry McEwan about love. I’ve had it for years and look at it when I have the gloom and dooms and my creativity has got up and gone. To me, it says creativity and love. It also says:

Love is like a flower-

when it starts blooming in you,

you have to share it, 

you have to give.

And the more you give,

the more love grows.

If you go on giving,

a day comes when

you become a constant,

infinite source of love.

Place your furniture in the command position

Ummm no. Apparently, I should have a view of the door and a solid wall behind my back. My room doesn’t work that way. According to Feng Shui, this probably means that I’m not open to opportunity. Whatever.

Choose ergonomic furniture

Yep. Complete with a beach towel for when I come straight from the pool to my chair.

And my “guest chair,” ie where Miss 20 plonks down when she comes in to annoy the dog, is a swiss ball. So far it hasn’t been used for swiss ball type exercises, but the intention is there.

Something about fluorescent vs full spectrum light bulbs


Open windows

Yep…except for when it’s raining. This is the only window in the house where the rain comes in.

Switch to all natural cleaning products

I’m an enjo user, so get a tick on this one too…

Reduce distractions

Trust me, I’m perfectly capable of creating my own. Having said that, I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated office with a door that closes.

Create a view

My view is of our pool. That’s a big tick.

Bring nature indoors

If that means my dog, I have that covered too…her snoring provides the soundtrack to my day. It’s hilarious (to me) when I have to wake her up when her snoring is loud enough to be heard on my teleconferences.

I’m thinking about getting a plant, but I do have a solar-powered daisy that bops all afternoon…does that count as flowers?

What else?

I have a series of three photos by Queenstown photographer Jason Law hanging on my wall – they’re there to remind me of the Routeburn Track (as if I need to be reminded) and the fabulous landscapes around Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki.

On my desk is a glass block photo of the Sunshine Coast hinterland near Maleny, a framed photo taken on the Everest Base Camp trek by my bestie’s daughter, and a photo of Craig’s Hut in Mansfield that my daughter gave me for Christmas that is still without a frame.

Another thing that stays on my desk is my Chinese fortune or chim sticks. I bought this set in Hong Kong at Shanghai Tang, and I love them to pieces.

What do you have in your office that helps your bum stay in that chair, and helps you produce words that make sense?

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  1. I set up my office – complete with a magnetic whiteboard covered in family photos and favourite bits of art and stuff. I have a sideboard with lots of knick knacks that I like and…….I spend most of my time on my laptop on the dining room table because I can look out the front and watch the world go by – and my husband comes and sits with his laptop in the evenings so we get to share space. Love your view of the pool (and the snoring dog!)

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    N for Never lie

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