N is for…

I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

N is for Nigella

Way back in the late 1990s I used to buy British Vogue every month. Not for the clothes – although British Vogue fashion spreads were a thing of art – but for Nigella Lawson’s column. I just loved her writing.

These days I buy the cookbooks – not just for the recipes or the books themselves – but for the writing. There’s something so luxurious in every sentence…and I love how she’s taken the antipodean pav and made it her own.

N is for New Zealand

Speaking of antipodean, if I was ever told that I could only ever visit one other country (heaven forbid the thought) – but could go to that country as often as I liked – that country would be New Zealand.

I like to get to Wellington most years to visit my bestie, but I’ve also done some road-tripping across the North Island and a lot of road-tripping in the South. I’m yet to get to the very top and the very bottom of each island though.

If I had to play favourites it would easily be the South Island. Full of drop dead oh my goodness scenery, sometimes it feels as though there’s a photogenic moment around each bend in the road.

Having said that, I have a soft spot for Wellington and am determined to find the right story to set there one day. One day.




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