M is for…

I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

M is for Melbourne

So far I’ve set three books in Melbourne with another three – in various stages of progress- also set in this fabulous city.

Each of the heroines in my Melbourne Girls series lives in a different suburb – giving me plenty of opportunity for research:

Baby, It’s You – Em lives in Richmond – out now

Big Girls Don’t Cry – Abby is in the CBD – out now

I Want You Back – Callie is in Fitzroy – to be published in October 2018

See You Again – Tiff is in South Yarra – to be published in December 2018

The Alice Book (as yet untitled) – Alice lives in Prahran – to be published in March 2019

You can find all my Melbourne posts at this link.

Milford Track

I did this walk in November 2016 – and was woefully under-prepared. I wrote about the experience here.

Yes, I made it, but I still don’t feel good about that achievement – if indeed it was an achievement. The thing is, if you prepare appropriately, an eminently doable walk – and one that deserves the moniker of being the greatest multi-day walk in the world.

For me, my preparation was interrupted by the perfect storm of ridiculous stress at home and at work. Plus we had constant drenching rain for all but the final day. I was so anxious on the track that I couldn’t eat – which made me feel ill and energy depleted. It took my feet months to recover. While I came back from the Routeburn Track feeling as though I could accomplish anything, I came back from Milford feeling broken – both physically and emotionally.

It did, however, give me the germ of an idea – how would it be if you took someone already quite broken out there? Would their complete breakdown result in a necessary breakthrough or would the experience crumble what was still intact?

I explored that idea with Kate in Book No. 5 – now with a tentative title of One More Dance.

M is for Mooloolaba

Just 10 minutes or so from our house, this is my beach, my happy place. I walk down here most weekday mornings and come down to write whenever I can escape the day job.

I firmly believe that Mooloolaba Surf Club should make me the official writer in residence.

Oh, and it does feature in I Want You Back.

M is for Murial Spark

Dame Muriel Spark was a Scottish novelist and came in at no. 8 on The Times’ list of greatest British writers since 1945. I have no idea who else is on that list and normally I wouldn’t care.

I have, however, recently discovered her books. Alan Davies on BBC 4’s A Good Read Podcast selected Spark’s “A Far Cry From Kensington” to talk about – partly, he said, because it was short, and partly because it was brilliant and funny.

So I read it too – for the same reasons. And loved it. I’m now reading “Memento Mori” which she wrote in 1959. “The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie” is next on my list.




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