I is for…

I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

I is for Indie Author

As much as I’d love to do the whole shelfie thing and see my book on a shelf or at the airport, I am proudly indie.

I love how I get to choose my team, I love how I can change a story part way through if I like, I love how I get to choose my cover, I love that if that cover doesn’t work I can change it, I love that I get to have fun in a different genre if I want without having to ask permission.

Naturally, there are down-sides – a lot of them. Mostly the down-sides are around finding people to read the books that I write and not having my books on a shelf – although both of those things can be influenced by me too.

Why I’m An Indie Author

I is for Ideas

They’re everywhere – truly. I’ll write an entire post on it when I get back from France – I did mention that I was going to France, didn’t I?

My journal is full of single lines I’ve jotted down from podcasts, newspaper articles, things I’ve heard, things I’ve seen.

The ideas are there waiting for me to find a character and a storyline.

As an example, only yesterday:

  • I heard a story about a British guy who lost his passport over the bridge at Niagara between Canada and the USA – starting a multi-hour stand-off as to which country he could go back into.
  • I read a story about coins buried in a time capsule from the late 1800’s under the floorboards of a house in Richmond.
  • I read about an ancestor on the Goldfields at the time of the Lambing Flats Riot. He’d walked there from his home in the company of his 9-year-old son – also an ancestor.
  • I heard on a podcast about a tailor – with a past in smuggling wine from France into England – who started a vineyard in Australia.

My journal is full of snippets like this that might one day be expanded into a story. Naturally not that story, but a new one, with made-up characters and made-up events.

Of these, I have an inkling about how I can use the final one on the list…so far, though, it’s just an inkling.

I is for Instagram

Instagram is my favourite form of social media. I am, like many writers, an introvert and sometimes the conversation required of Facebook feels like it’s crowding my brain.

Instagram though is visual, immediate, and inspiring.

Of course, I don’t use it in the way that I should be using it to promote my business. Instead, I fill it with pictures of sunrises and food. If you’re interested you can find me at @jotracey.

I is for Ian Rankin

I read everything he puts out – and was more than a tad put out that there was no new Rebus in 2017. His characters are flawed and frighteningly real, and Edinburgh is delightfully dark.

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    1. I’m really a visual person & don’t do the conversation thing well on Facebook so Insta is my fave social media thingie. Twitter is great for soundbites.

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