G is for…


G is for Goals

As someone who tends to run a tad free and easy with boundaries, goals are essential for me. I mightn’t meet them every time, but when I have a goal to work towards, I achieve a lot more than I would without.

As an indie publisher, I believe it is essential to set deadlines as if you were working with a traditional publisher. It really is that important.

If you want to read about my creative goals for 2018, you’ll find them here.

G is for Greenwood

As in Kerry Greenwood, the author of the fabulous Phryne Fisher and Corinna Chapman series. I’d love to write cozy crime just like these…watch this space.

G is for George

G is also for Elizabeth George – the author of the Inspector Lynley series.

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    1. I’m naturally a better starter than I am a finisher Leanne, but you’d be surprised what you can do.

    1. I’m really into my cozy crime series at present. I want to have a go at writing some. Maybe next year.

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