F is for…


F is for France

Hubby and I are off to Franch in just over a week. We’re doing a road-trip with a dear friend of mine who is based in Lille. I told you all about the itinerary last week, but I’m not taking my laptop with me so you’ll need to either follow me on Instagram or wait until I get back for the blogs.

Naturally, I have a couple of story ideas floating around in my head, but that’s all they are at this point – ideas.

I learnt French for year 12 – more years ago than I care to remember – much of it has gone now. I’ve been brushing up on some basic French language skills through the app Duolingo – ten minutes a day. I love it so much I think I’ll use it to learn another language once I get back.

F is for Food

I enjoy cooking and baking. Largely because we shop daily – we’ve found that it reduces waste – I’ll never be that person who can rustle up something from nothing, but I truly truly love feeding people.

These days I try to cook seasonally and am drawn to street or “peasant” food styles – unfussy seasonal food with heaps of flavour that’s a pleasure to plan and prepare.

My husband cooks during the week – no, you can’t have him – leaving me the weekends to faff about in the kitchen as a way of relaxing after the working week. The cookbooks come out, the wine is poured and the music gets turned up.

Max, my leading lady in Wish You Were Here, had a seasonal foodie blog named Rambling Rose. Keep an eye out for that name – and the resurrection of her “posts” in the future. Book No. 5 (I’m getting closer to a title) also has plenty of foodie inspiration as Kate (my protagonist), is, like me, a habitual over-caterer – especially when she’s stressed.

F is for Family History

I’m really not into the research work, but my Mum has done heaps of work on the family. I’m determined to get it into a story for her at some point.

Judging from the number of branches on the family tree, my father’s ancestors virtually colonised the small country town he comes from – you really wouldn’t believe how prolifically they bred back in those days. It’s got me thinking that some sort of saga could make a good story? A bit like Dire Strait’s Telegraph Road, but about Tumbarumba. No? Back to the drawing board on that one then…

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