D is for…


I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

D is for Dog

…but I’ll introduce you to my writing companion when we get to K.

D is for Daisy Dalrymple

The Hon Daisy Dalrymple is a journalist and amateur sleuth and the protagonist of Carola Dunn’s cozy crime series set in 1920’s (mostly) England.

So far there are 22 books in the series – with no. 23 due to be published in July 2018.

D is for Dalziel and Pascoe

Another of my favourite crime series – and one that translated brilliantly to tv as well…at least until they ran out of books by Reginald Hill…or was it that he couldn’t keep up with the demands of writing to a tv series schedule…and seriously, who could blame him?

D is for Desert Island Discs

My latest podcast obsession, Desert Island Discs has been a staple in the BBC Radio menu for over 70 years.

The concept is a simple one. Take one well-known somebody, and ask them to select eight songs that have defined them in some way, or mean something to them. Use these songs to illustrate and lead an interview that often brings up surprising pieces of information.

Our castaway is also allowed one luxury item on this desert island. This tells you a surprising amount about the person.

It’s a story-tellers dream come true of a podcast – and has made me wonder more than once what songs I’d take to my desert island.

As for my desert island luxury item, it would have to be Fortnum & Mason’s English Breakfast tea or whisky.



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    1. It really makes me think too – & I can never seem to decide on which songs. The choice of tea is an easy one though…

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