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I’ve taken on the challenge of an A-Z during April – one post each day on a chosen theme. My theme? Books and writing, of course…

C is for Cookbooks

I’m addicted to cookbooks – and not just for the recipes either. I’m not a slavish follower of recipes – well, not unless I’m baking – so cookbooks for me are about ideas, a jumping off point. But the best ones are also about the stories and take you somewhere new.

I have my favourites – ones that I cook from a lot – but the ones I like to read?

Nigella – I just love her writing

Rick Stein – his books are like a travelogue of experience

Annabel Langbein – I want her life in Wanaka…and I love what she does for seasonality and simplicity. Lately, though, I’m feeling that she’s gone a tad far in the commercial extreme – to the extent that she’s trademarked the term “fridge fixings.” Seriously Annabel?

C is for covers

Cover design is one of the toughest part (for me) of the indie publishing process. I wrote about it here. It has to say what sort of genre the book is, but it has to do so much more than that.

The covers that I really admire are often ones that don’t fit the type of books that I write. Then there’s the little issue of consistency – especially across a series. I’m having that problem with Book No. 5 now.

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t yet have a title, Book No. 5 is a stand-alone that crosses over a tad with Wish You Were Here – and there’s a very good reason why it does that. My characters are more, shall we say, mature and the story doesn’t fit the style of covers that I’ve used in the past, .ie. I can’t have feet or legs on the cover.

C is for The Cotswolds

As my books tend to do, Wish You Were Here was going in a very different direction until we landed in a cottage on a farm in The Cotswolds not far from Chalford and Cirencester. The minute that I stepped inside the door of that cottage I had my story.

That cottage also became Max’s home for a time, and the area around Chalford became Brookford. I wrote a bit more about my inspiration for Brookford in this post.

Want more on my travels in The Cotswolds or the UK? Check out the link to my other posts here.

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  1. I have so many cookbooks Jo mainly for the photography! I remember my kids gave me The Sopranos cookbook based on recipes from the meals in the TV show! Lucky I’m married to an Italian. I can imagine it would be so hard to decide on book covers. It takes me ages just to decide on an image for a blog post! I ‘ve just purchased Wish You Were Here! Also don’t forget to link up to Midlife Share the Love Party starts Wednesday and ends Friday mornings. Would love to have you. xx

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