The Bucket List Update…

Ok, so it’s my birthday on Monday.

I joke that last year (my 50th) was spent on a Jetstar flight back to Sydney. I’d had a flying visit to Queensland to see my family (who had already moved up) and had to fly back to Sydney to continue to pack the house up and be in the office the following day.

Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t a bad day, it just wasn’t the day that I’d planned. I don’t do parties, but I’d been planning my 50th party for years. I ended up giving it to one of my characters for her 60th instead – the theme was denim and the music was retro pop. You’ll read about it in I Want You Back – when I finally release that.

Despite being away from my family there were some lovely bright spots in the day – a breakfast with my family before I went to the airport, a surprise afternoon tea with my parents and sisters when I finally got home (there was trackwork on the airport line which meant I had to bus it), and dinner and lots of bubbly with my neighbour.

This year we were supposed to be in Sydney over the weekend for a friend’s 50th, but some other stuff has got in the way. So we have some other lovely last minute things planned, and if they happen they do, and if they don’t, I’m sure there will be something else lovely. The members birthday gift at the Surf Club is a vienetta log, so there’s nothing but old-school good from that!

Anyways, because it’s my birthday I’m doing an update on my bucket list – always a good thing to do on one’s birthday.  I get to cross things off that I’ve already done and have added a couple of new things to the list. If you’re interested, you’ll find my last update here.

Since my last update four items have been completed:

  • Speak at a writing conference
  • Go whale watching
  • Have pho in Vietnam
  • Cruise through Halong Bay

My list as it stands today is below*. The fine print is that I continue to reserve the right to add things as I see fit – I happen to think it’s karmicly (yes, that’s a made-up word) dangerous to have just a handful of things on a list. The fine fine print is that this doesn’t include all the places I want to go to – just the things I want to do…there’s a whole other list for travel!

      1. Make a proper living from writing (yes, there’s a $$ amount attached to this). I’m not sure if this is a bucket list item or a goal. Perhaps it’s both.
      2. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
      3. Ride a camel on the beach at Broome at sunset
      4. Swim with whale sharks somewhere
      5. Swim with sea turtles somewhere
      6. Snorkel in the Barrier Reef
      7. Attend an AFL Grand Final at the MCG. It would be a bonus if St Kilda or Richmond were playing. I’d consider the Anzac Day match a tick.
      8. Learn to cook a steak…to order… and get it right (hubby says there’s no need for me to learn how to do this because he does it so perfectly for me…)
      9. See the northern (or southern) aurora…lights, that is…and photograph them.
      10. Stay on a deserted (ok, not deserted- just not heavily populated but still with all the trimmings) island in the South Pacific.
      11. Get to my goal weight – and have a photo shoot to mark the occasion. Something tasteful and fun – on the beach.
      12. Learn another language and speak it in that country
      13. Spend three months living like a local in another country – I’ve always dreamed of Tuscany
      14. See a bluebell forest – like the one I wrote about in Wish You Were Here.
      15. Set a story around whisky in the Scottish Highlands or Shetland…
      16. Walk a very long way from pub to pub in either The Cotswolds or Cornwall
      17. A road trip through France in the Spring
      18. Do a cooking class in France
      19. Find one of those earnest writers style cafes in Paris to be earnest and literary in.
      20. Write some of my family history – or at least one of the stories.
      21. Take a cruise through the Baltic
      22. Take a canal cruise through Burgundy or Bordeaux
      23. Walk the Cotswold Way…or The Ridgeway…I haven’t decided
      24. Attend a writing retreat in Europe


*There are a couple of others that aren’t for public view…and no, I’m not telling!

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23 Replies to “The Bucket List Update…”

  1. Nice list. I’ve a few of those on my own. As for the party, just have it. I hate that we need reasons to have parties. Just have it to have fun. We have parties all the time, and when we first started, people turned up with presents assuming it was for a birthday. Now they know. My latest planned party is because Alice Francis dropped a new album and I think that’s something to celebrate…

    1. Love the idea of the spontaneous party. We tend not to have parties much at all – the last one we did was for my daughter’s 18th & before that my husband’s 50th… nearly 7 years ago. We used to do a lot of smaller things when we lived in Sydney but we only know a handful of people up here. One of my things for 2018 is to get out from behind my desk and meet people so we can do that sort of stuff again.

    1. Ha ha…I’m not telling…I try and tick a couple of things off a year. I’m learning French at the moment & will use it when we go to France for our roadtrip in April…where we will do a cooking class & look for a literary cafe…ticking off four things in the process. That will leave me space to add another 4 things next year.

  2. I have snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef! Haven’t done much else though. Really need to do some travelling. I started a bucket list last year and I don’t think there is one thing I could tick off it yet. I really need to do something about that! BTW – you have me curious as to what your *secret* bucket list items are! LOL #TeamLovinLife

  3. 17. 18. and 19. Do it when you go to France in April. Never know when you’ll be there again. Make sure you wear a beret and carry a breadstick – may as well look the part!
    Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina) did a cooking class in Paris, spent months learning to crack an egg….its all in the wrist apparently.

    1. France will be a 4 tick-off trip…:) We have a cooking class booked in Dijon, I’m learning French, there’s a road trip involved & I’ll find that cafe.

  4. Happy soon-to-be-birthday Jo – I hope you have a fabulous day and it gives you lots of smiles. I loved your bucket list – lots of variety and there’s a few I wouldn’t mind doing either – including seeing the auroras and I’d also love to do one of those walks through the Lake District where you go from BnB to BnB – very civilised and yet getting a bit of exercise thrown in too. If you find a way to reach your magic weight let me know the secret!

  5. Well-done you on keeping to your list and slowly ticking items off. We always has a Viennetta as a birthday cake for my husband when the kids were young.
    Whatever you do on Monday I hope it’s great.
    I am driving down to see Dad at Dee Why on Monday to take him
    some meals. M1, play nice! I also go back down on the Thursday to Westmead.
    I had a photo shoot done in 2003 when I had lost a lot of weight (yes it went back on) but it was very empowering. Go for it.
    Denyse x

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Jo! Thanks for sharing your bucket list. It’s fun to dream and even better when we make our dreams come true.

  7. It’ll be spring when you’re in France this year won’t it? Will that allow you to tick a couple of items off????

    I must revisit mine though I only had 12 or so things on there!

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