Sentence a day – February

St Collins Lane, Melbourne

Ok, I make no bones about the fact that February is my least favourite month of the year. There’s an astrological reason for that – it’s to do with the fact that February is the month before my birthday so you have that whole finishing the cycle wanting to rest and retreat thing, but we won’t go there. It’s also got something to do with the fact that it’s the most humid time of the year… it also usually coincides with a couple of big freelance jobs that I juggle my day job and my novel writing with.

Every year I vow not to over-commit – yet this February was no different. The fact that I haven’t blogged properly for a couple of weeks should tell you that – last week’s blog was written in advance in anticipation of the messy times ahead. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been busy, but it hasn’t been all bad – there’s been some play too. And, on the plus plus side, this time last year my family was in Queensland and I was packing up the house to move as well as doing the juggle above.

Anyways, enough of the whining, let’s close February off.

1.Rain (as an aside, it rained so much this month – more than 3 times the normal monthly average with almost twice the monthly average in one day – 21 Feb.)

2. Rain – heavier than yesterday, but managed 3000 words on the novel and astro blogs written and scheduled for most of February.

3. Rain. Again. Finished astro blogs for February, wrote horoscopes for March, cooked a seafood risotto and a cheesecake for dinner and procrastibaked apple and cinnamon scrolls.

4. Not quite as much rain. Brisbane for some shopping and lunch at Fat Noodle at Treasury.

5. Unravelled all of next week’s Adelaide travel. On the plus side, I’m not travelling next week.

6.  Walk. Work. Nothing more to say here.

7. Sarah to Sydney, coffee with a friend from my childhood in Bombala, and a catch-up at a seriously cool tea-house with another dear friend.

8. Long long day in the office.

9. Worked on the novel this morning at the Surf Club this morning, lunch with Grant at Saltwater, and published The Little Book of the Moon for my astro newsletter subscribers. Tick, tick and tick.

10. Sarah home today. Brain is exhausted so spent the afternoon watching period movies. Sense and Sensibility and Emma.

11.  A swim, lunch at the Post Office in Maroochydore, another swim, and spent the rest of the afternoon going through accommodation options for France.

12. Monday. Walk and work. That’s all.

13. Take yesterday and repeat.

14. Valentine’s Day – words, work, gremolata prawns and gnocchi.

15. Counted to ten a lot today.

16. Haircut, grey be gone and lunch with the delightful Min from Write of the Middle. So much sheet lightning tonight that the night sky was almost permanently lit.

View from lunch. We were having such a good chat we forgot the selfie.

17. Welcome to Sydney where the airport trains are closed for trackwork…on a weekend. Seriously? Who plans this stuff?

18. Dumplings and catch-ups – the perfect combination.

19. Lots of hellos – it’s actually good to be in the actual office…pity about the bus ride to get here.

20. Reimagined escalators – these York Street escalators were heritage listed, so the developers popped them on the ceiling as art. Love it.

21. Surprise catch-up with Mel Kettle, a copy of her new book, The Social Association, and drinkies after work.

22. More drinkies after work – this time with the Unisys tribe at Concord. Fab to catch-up.

23. Melbourne – and my feet are full of blisters…the two are not related. Dinner at Chez Olivier with mon amour. (See how I threw in some French?) As an aside, I will blog it separately…

24. Brekky at Cumulus, dimmies at South Melbourne, dumplings at Hutong, shopping at Debenhams, cocktails at QT and dinner at Tonka. A day well spent.

25. Heading home, but first an egg sundae at The Grainstore.

26. Back to work and my pooch beside me snoring – life as it should be.

27. Final pieces of the French accommodation puzzle fall into place. And work…of course….

28. Longest teleconference in history to finish off the month. Bring on March.

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28 Replies to “Sentence a day – February”

    1. Just soooooo busy Lydia. It’s the one month of the year I always over commit – and then vow not to do the same next year!

  1. That is certainly a very big month you have had. I hope your March is more restful and you can find more time for your writing. I’m very glad to have met you finally during February. I enjoyed our get together very much. Look forward to next time! February is usually a month I struggle through as it’s always very hot and humid and I don’t cope very well with that at all. It was so lovely to spend 2 weeks of February at Mooloolaba – looking out over the gorgeous ocean and getting all the lovely breezes (despite a heatwave, big swells and then torrential rain). I’ve really got a bad case of post holiday blues at the moment. Ho hum! xo

    1. So busy. I can normally juggle the day job (4 days a week) with writing but last month there was just waaaaay too much!

  2. Look forward to reading more about your trip to Melbourne, Jo. Congrats for making through a very busy February! Next February less work and more play, right?

  3. So many food pictures – how do you manage to eat all that amazing stuff and not be the size of a barn? You’ve certainly been really busy and I can see why February would exhaust you. Glad you made it through and I’ll look forward to March and the birthday update x

    1. March is looking to be much more controllable – some travel, but more routine 🙂 Happy Birthday to us xx

  4. What a busy globe-trotting month you have had! I had a break from Sentence a Day in January and found it hard to get back into it in February, but should have my post up soon 🙂

  5. Wow, looks like you’ve had a busy and varied month Jo. Like you I’m glad February is over, but mostly because I love Autumn and can’t wait for all the colours. Hope you have a good run in to your birthday – are you Pisces? I am 🙂
    Jo xoxo

  6. I hate the humidity in Queensland in February. Lucky for me I escaped it and headed south for a holiday in South Australia. The weather has been a lot cooler down here and I have enjoyed it immensely. I hope March is a less hectic month for you Jo.

  7. I would say that from my perspective your February looked pretty fab – great food (!), great friends, and a good amount of travel between two of my favorite cities in the world!

    And I particularly love your header photo of St. Collins Lane – so pretty!

    Where was that cool little tea shop in Sydney, BTW? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Hi Tamara, the tea-shop is actually in Cottontree on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where I live. I was back in Sydney for work & to see family…and Melbourne (my absolute favorite city in Aus) for play 🙂

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