Sentence a day – January 2018

We’ve been doing a lot of this time last year type comparisons of late:

  • this time last year we bought our Queensland house
  • this time last year we put our Sydney house on the market

This time last year…

It doesn’t seem so long ago – but at the same time, it feels like a lifetime.

Anyways, that’s all by the by – the first month of 2018 has flown by. Looking forward to February, it’s a busy one with work trips to Adelaide and Sydney on the schedule and a mini break to Melbourne. In between that, I have some freelance projects that are under deadline and a book that needs to be rewritten. So without further ado, let’s wrap up January so I can get my teeth into February already!

1.Happy New Year…and farewell to Fraser Island…for now.

Dinner at Maroochydore Surf Club…for somewhere different.

view from the Surf Club on a hazy evening

2. Brekky at One Block Back, Nice Kiwis back to NZ – it’s been fabulous having you here.

3. Back to work…enough said.

4. Testing and more testing, but also a big afternoon scheduling posts for January on the astro page.

5. Business plan (and post) completed for the year, Word of The Year post scheduled, Wellness goals and Creative Goals posts scheduled, and astro posts written and batched for the rest of January. That’s a huge tick in the box.

6. Markets, Jimmy’s for brekky, Nigella’s herbed lamb roast and olive oil chocolate mousses for dinner.

7. Another hot one on the coast, but glad we’re not in Western Sydney where it’s 45C! Secrets on the Lake for lunch and some respite from the heat.

Made a batch of corn and ginger soup with the corn I bought yesterday. The recipe is here.

8. Walk this morning, the gym at lunchtime, and the office in between.

9. Cut this morning’s walk short to have a swim as well. It’s hard to imagine that at 6.30am this time last year I would have been on the M2 bus into the city and doing a 90-minute commute to work with no time to exercise and absolutely no walk by the beach.

10. Back into the pool for some black line swimming. I reckon it’s been about 8 years since I did lap swimming, but man, it felt good.

11. Mum and Dad’s 54th wedding anniversary – seriously admirable in this day and age – and Adventure Spaniel gets a clean bill of health from the vet. In other news, my hair is green – I suspect from the chlorine yesterday.

12. Hairdressers – to get rid of the grey…and the green! She sent me home with some gunk that will protect my hair from future green episodes – although sadly not future grey ones. Back into the surf this arvo, so the fresh hair thing didn’t last long.


13. Winnie at Woombye for brekky, followed by a day of swimming, floating, reading…and some more swimming. Saturday done well.

14. Sunshine Coast Collective Markets this morning – scored some great earrings for $8. Pitaya bowls at Little Boat Espresso afterwards.

15. Walk, work, laps – all under a blue sky.

16. Dragged myself to the gym again at lunchtime – poked my bicep to see if it has grown yet…disappointment sets in.

17. Wednesday is usually a writing day, but sadly not today – I had to log into the office instead. Managed a walk in the morning and a swim at lunchtime in between. Big dumping waves down at Mooloolaba thanks to tidal surges and southerly winds.

18. A catch-up call after work with the friend in France I’ll be road-tripping with in April – love planning roadies.

19. My one day of the week to get some words done and boy the writing was a struggle this morning.

20. Went to buy a tart pan and bought a madeleine one instead – which meant I had to make some. The recipe is here.

21. Noosa Farmer’s Market for a change.

22. Friends from Sydney for dinner after work. Barbecue, potato salad and an apple and berry crumble.

23. Happy 76th birthday to my Mum – so grateful for how fit and vital she is and proud she still rocks a bikini.

24. Finally nailed the France road-trip itinerary…watch this space…

25. So humid at 5.30am on this morning’s walk. Train disruptions in Sydney so had to be at my desk early.

26. Australia Day – sun, pool, repeat.

27. Markets, writing and coq au vin and some little almond and apple cakey things (from the Rick Stein French Escapes cookbook) on the menu for diner a la maison. (See how I’m practising my French?)

28. Sunday lunch at Woombye – a real Queensland pub.

29. Walk work gym work walk.

30. Dinner and movie date with my daughter – The Greatest Showman. Spectacular.

Fabulous wave action at Mooloolaba Beach

31. Stupendous surf this morning, laps at lunchtime (with a visiting AFL team on pre-season training as a distraction) and work in between.

It’s Lovin’ Life Linky time…

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to look for our happy and share it about a bit. The Lovin’ Life Linky is brought to you by Team Lovin’ Life: Deep Fried Fruit, DebbishSeize the Day ProjectWrite of the Middle50 Shades of Age,  and, of course, me.

30 Replies to “Sentence a day – January 2018”

  1. What a fabulous January and yes, a walk and swim at the beach sure does beat a 90 minute commute – ugh! I sure don’t miss my commutes either! I’m hanging to get my February underway cos as you know it involves a 2 week beach holiday! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you and after reading this post I’m thinking I will add Woombye to my list of places to visit up in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland while I am up there! #TeamLovinLife

    1. Looking forward to meeting you too…we’re going to have to coordinate it tightly now though – I have to go to Adelaide for work on the 11th for a few days…and will be in Sydney for work for a week from the 17th!

  2. A great start to the New Year, Jo and i love those earrings although I’m not sure I could pull them off. I always enjoy your IG posts of the ocean each morning and great to see you back in the pool Will you be a contender for the Commonwealth Game?He! he! Have a great February. xx

    1. I wouldn’t put me down as a wild car entry just yet lol. I managed 20 laps without stopping yesterday & have been mentioning it so often my family are sick of hearing about it already. It’s a long way from 50 I was doing back in the day…but it’s double what I could do at the beginning of January – and I had to stop every lap in that first swim back!

  3. Your month sounds a lot fuller than mine! I’ve just doodled through January but that’s okay – I needed the down time and it was a great escape from work and all the associated drama. Sue and I are planning a Round-Up linky starting end of Feb – stay tuned because your sentence a day posts would be perfect! BTW I want to have lunch at that lakeside spot – it looks gorgeous.

  4. I’m irrationally envious of your foodie posts, though it occurs to me I could eat out more myself. I just don’t. Perhaps I should….

    It sounds like February is going to be really busy for you though that’s nothing new I guess as you always have many many balls in the air at once.

  5. Well-done YOU. What a busy but oh so varied month and look at the difference in lifestyle since 2016-17.
    I have been inspired by you to do a sentence a day and will be sharing it here next Thursday along with my 1-2 seconds a day from the app I use 1Sed ..words AND pics!
    Mind you, I hope I am OK to link up..I will be home (hopefully( after my 3rd surgery the day before).
    Denyse x

    1. I look forward to seeing your sentence a day. I find it a fabulous way of journaling the days – & a way of keeping things in perspective. The funny thing is I never actually feel as bust as the sentence a day suggests, but I guess that I probably am!

  6. Wow! What a month Jo. It’s amazing when you write what you achieve in a month as to how hectic it actually looks. January was a big one for me too, getting ready to embark on a 6 week caravan trip.

    1. It’s funny – I still work the same hours I did back in Sydney – probably more because I spend more hours on my business – but that 3 hours a day is much better spent walking in the morning and writing in the evening.

  7. I love seeing your pics on Instagram each day Jo. All your food looks super delicious. I agree about the commute – I don’t miss it one bit and can utilise my days so much better by working from home. I can’t believe how quickly January whizzed by! 🙂 x #TeamLovinLife

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