2018: The Word

Although I don’t always achieve as much as I set out to achieve, I am a goal-setting junkie. Every so often I think I should throw the goals out the window and just let it all be and flow, but I know myself a tad too well for that to work:

  • I have major issues with boundaries – I have no idea where they start or end. It’s why I can eat mindlessly whatever is on my plate and, also why I set myself deadlines – without them, I’ll drift on and on.
  • I’m a tad like Dory when it comes to focus. This meme literally is me.

  • I have a tenuous connection with reality and can successfully convince myself – in the absence of evidence to the contrary – that anything I want to believe is true can be so. This is great for when I need to believe that anything is possible, but not so good when I’m confronted with an expanding waistline. I truly admire those people who can manage their weight through the fit of their clothes. Nope, unless I see it on the scales it isn’t happening.

Why I set goals

Without goals, I drift and achieve absolutely nothing. I need the discipline and structure that a goal brings in order to get anything done. As far as I’m concerned, the stretchier the goal the better – that way wherever I end up landing is way further than I would be if I’d aimed too low.

It’s like how I always leave the bottom ¼ of a cup of coffee or tea – no matter the size of the cup. I’m the same with goals. If I aim high I’ll tend to get most of the way there, whereas if I am low, I’ll tend to get most of the way there. Same same but a very different result.

Word of the year

Further, I need a focus point. Something that’s front and centre that reminds me every day why I’m doing what I’m doing. Over the last few years, I’ve had a word of the year to help me do that:

2017 Adventure

2016 Awesome

2015 Fearless

This year? I faffed about with SIMPLIFY and hubby suggested a phrase: What’s Important?

While both were great suggestions, it felt more like a way in which I’d approach my goals, but not necessarily words to guide me this year.

I thought long and hard about HEALTH. It really fit what I want to achieve this year:

  • Healthy body
  • Healthy mind
  • Healthy relationships
  • Healthy business

Then I decided that at the base of each of these four primary goals is one thing:


I’ll blog my wellness and creative goals separately, but at, sorry, the heart of each of my goals, will be this word. My priorities this year will be to do things and be with people that:

  • improve the health of my heart
  • lighten the load on my heart
  • heal my heart
  • contribute to the happiness of my heart
  • make my heart sing

Do you do a word of the year? If so, what is it?


23 Replies to “2018: The Word”

  1. Ooh I like this. Like you, I am also a Dory about town. It honestly has taken me a year to fix up all of the pages on my blog because I get distracted by other bits and pieces and projects. Constantly. So hopefully this year I’ll stop being distracted by shiny things so much.
    Best of luck with your word for the year, I think health is a great one because it can stretch so far and encompass so many things!

  2. Beautiful word, Jo! I came up with the acronym FEAST for fitness, entertainment, arts, social and travels. It sounds like over indulgence until I take a second look and see that I’ll actually have to do some work to enjoy my feasts, LOL.

  3. What a great word Jo – I’m loving everyone’s choices this year – they seem to be so well thought out and it’s like we all want to make our hearts lighter and to “Rise” above what we’ve experienced in the last year or so. May your heart sing through 2018!

  4. Heart is a great word for 2018. Your husband came in strong with the prompt game on that one. Happy New Year to you, I hope 2018 sees the realisations of your heart-based goals.

  5. No one word – I can’t pin one down.
    I love this “heart” post. The idea of “heart” is a positive and multi faceted word.
    I hope to do myself this year especially as heart health it literally what keeps us ticking.
    All of your ‘hearts’ resonate with me.

    I am Gear up girl and Heart Foundation Ambassador for a bike ride encouraging women especially to be aware of their heart disease risk and take action to prevent it.

  6. That really resonated with me too. I am often more of a head person even though I am emotional about all things. Mmmmm heart. I am often far too tough on myself (head) and would like to forgive myself more (heart). I am going to ponder this some more thanks to you.
    I am someone who often leaves about a 1/6 of a cup of tea but never a cup of coffee …because all I get these days is a piccolo latte and five sips and it’s gone! The method in my madness is the ‘hit’ of the shot is achieved and my wallet is not as affected by a bigger cup where I would need a double shot.
    Sigh. Love my coffee out these days!!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/52. Next week the optional prompt is My Favourite Weather.

  7. I’m a bit the same with goals… I like setting them and feel a lot of comfort in doing so. And I am – generally – pretty good at pursuing them. However… I’m better when goals are more like a ‘to-do’ list than anything too ambitious!

    HEART is a great word!

    1. I’m always overly ambitious – but don’t tend to beat myself up too much if I don’t hit everything on my list…which is if I’m being honest, the usual state of affairs.

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