Sentence a day: December

It feels weird writing about December when I should be writing about 2018, but, of course, one year needs to be finished off before another can begin, so without further ado, let’s wrap December up – a month that started with more rain than I ever thought was possible to fall in a short space of time and finished with sun, sea and tequila. December, you were memorable.

If you’re interested – which of course you are – my year in review can be found here.

1.Tried out the new Asian street food place – Rice Boi – down at the Wharf. I’m in dumpling heaven…

2. Friends for dinner and a Nigella disappointment – the Italian apple cake might look ok, but isn’t a great pudding option.

3. Sarah home from Sydney – yay!

4. Deluge – we have a new water feature in the backyard. Got a walk in before it all started.

5. Sun sneaking through, but another massive storm this afternoon. Managed to get a walk in early this morning though.

Amazing light before the storm (see the frangipanis in the main shot) and an impressive sunset after.


6. Did some writing at The Surf Club this morning and had partition work this arvo.

7. Fabulous walk around the Headland this morning instead of over it. The Marriage Equality Act finally passed parliament – Australia, it’s about time.


8. Lunch at Saltwater at the Wharf – prawn roll and the best chips ever.

Eumundi Christmas markets this afternoon – pissed down and hardly any stallholders there…pretty disappointing.

as seen in Eumundi

9. Brissie for bloggers lunch – so good to meet these wonderful ladies in real life. Made it home before the biggest most intense storm we’ve had yet. Queensland is teaching me a lot about rain.

10. Finally got the taxes done and sent down to the accountant in Sydney. Phew.

11. Back to work – do I have to?

12. Gorgeous morning for a walk – such a pity the office is calling.

13. Kali at home delivery doggy day spa and I caught up on astro bloggy stuff.

14. Late afternoon beach swim after work – the best way to finish a working week.

15. Haircut, colour, and time in the pool to undo all the time in the hairdresser’s chair. I’m not that girl who can swim without getting my hair wet – when I’m in, I’m under.

16. Catch up with friends at Alex Surf Club and bedlam in Mooloolaba thanks to the Christmas Boat Parade.

17. Pre Christmas barbecue with friends – the first time we’ve done the entertaining numbers thing in this house – and my lemon curd pavlova is a thing of beauty.

18. Morning walk. Slow on the work front – thankfully.

19. Walk, Work, pool, work, beach – a good balance.

20. Take yesterday and repeat.

21. Drinks at The Dock

and then a Canal Christmas lights cruise to celebrate the end of the working year – what a great night.

22. Disappointing, but not unexpected, news re hubby’s contract – the project is coming to an end. Fabulous news to be going into Christmas with…not.

23. Cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking.

24. The Nice Kiwis are here – yay! Lunch at Sum Yung Guys – as good as it always is.

25. Christmas Day – full of a flamboyance of flamingoes and lots of fun.

26. Boxing Day – pool, sun, and a visitor of the serpentine variety to the backyard. I think he’s harmless – he’s certainly very pretty.

Mixed up with tequila, margaritas, and cards against humanity – plenty of laughs.

27. Brekky at The Velo Project, more pool, more sun, and some more visitors – not of the snake variety, thank goodness!

28. Sight-seeing drive through the Hinterland – plenty of others with the same idea. Lunch at the Imperial Hotel in Eumundi.

29. Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island. It’s a hot one, but the breeze on the barge and a late afternoon swim cool us down.

Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island

30. Fantabulous 4WD bus tour of Fraser. Swimming at Lake Mackenzie and Eli Creek, picture stops at the Pinnacles and the wreck of the Maheno, and a walk through the valley at Central Station. (Keep an eye out for my post…)

31. New Years Eve. Sun, storms, bush tucker and dancing. Goodbye 2017 – you’ve certainly been an adventure…which was fortunate given that adventure was my word of the year!

10 Replies to “Sentence a day: December”

    1. I really embraced that in 2017 – aside from knowing that I had a post for the first Thursday of every month, it was a great way of recording the year.

  1. This is a cool practice. I liked reading it very much and perhaps…I can add it to my new things to do in 2018.

    Thanks Jo, I love seeing and reading about your life in Qld. Not good news for your husband. Why oh why do businesses do this to people at Christmas time. It really sucks. Happened to a bloggy mate as well who thought she was going in for a work review and no, your services are being made redundant. She is the sole earner and a single mum who loved this job as an editor. She is a journo by trade and it was made for her. She is now looking for as many gigs as possible. Sigh.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 1/52. Next week’s optional prompt is “Word or Intention for 2018”.

    1. Yeah, it is what it is, but that’s the way it goes, I guess. believe it or not, I might even be on the prompt for next week! Wonders will never cease…

    1. I’m in South East Queensland, Australia. It’s a beautiful part of the world and we’re fortunate to be less than 15 mins from (I think) one of the most beautiful beaches in a country that has lots of beautiful beaches. At times it feels like paradise.

  2. I love seeing another Aussie Christmas after all the snowy, cold shots from everyone else!! I think the pink flamingos are fantastic and your month sounds very busy and full on but also relaxing and fun. Sorry to hear the news of your husband’s contract ending though. All the best for 2018 Jo!

    1. Lol re the snake – it could have been something really nasty…this one was cute & green, it’s when they’re brown or have a red belly that you call the snake catcher!

  3. Oh to walk daily with those views! I am also envious of a bloggers lunch. I have a goal of just such an event in my area. Taxes are in my February goals. AND best of all, only TWO DAYS till my haircut and color!!!
    🙂 gwingal

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