Sentence a day – November

The month started with another trip to Sydney for work, was punctuated by a trip to Wellington, New Zealand for pleasure, and contained a lot of rain and, conversely, not much walking.

In other news, I participated in Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month – and nailed the 50,000 words in a month challenge. It’s a new book and I’m loving it.

Ok, let’s get the sentence a day thing underway…

1.Still in Sydney, still want to go home.

2. Miracle of miracles – Jetstar on time. Homeward bound.

3. Happy Birthday to Adventure Spaniel.

4. Markets, sun, pool, and lots of words written. I love starting a new novel.

me, poolside at home

5. Bohemian Bungalow for lunch – quirky, fabulous, and great music.

6. Work ugh. Beach walk and pelican squadrons in the evening.

The pelican squadron

7. Rain and storms so no walk this morning.

8. Nano word count on the way up. I’m loving how this book is coming together and love Provence Aimee as a writing destination.

9. A little wet on the morning walk, but some great light in the skies.

10. A good start made on the Christmas shopping and grey be gone thanks to my hairdresser.

11. Markets, brekky tacos at Jimmy’s, and spent the afternoon preparing slowly cooked five spice lamb and olive oil chocolate mousse from Nigella’s new book.

12. Food, flavours, scent and story with author Josephine Moon at Cooroy.

13. Do I really need to go to the “office”? I want to keep writing instead.

14. Sarah’s last exam for the Uni year – good luck sweetie.

15. Last day of work for the week and it’s a doozy. Fish and chips by the beach on a balmy Mooloolaba evening.

16. Off to Wellington for the week, but first, have to do battle with the commute to Brisbane airport. Flying across the Sounds is beautiful – there is no blue-green like the blue-green on New Zealand. It’s so good to be back. Sometimes I feel almost quasi-kiwi…is that treasonous?

17. A tour of parliament, a look around the Supreme Court, and an excellent bowl of pho, some shopping and sundowners on the deck. Bliss.

18. More shopping, more touristing, a few cocktails and an excellent dinner at Pomelo on Oriental Bay.


19. Brekky at Caffiend in Petone, a drive around to Makara, the cracking of the Christmas crack and a delayed flight home #orderanotherwine #ilovenewzealand

20. Test files – oh the pain. In other news, passed the 40,000-word mark in nanowrimo.

21. Still raining, still processing test files.

22. Yay Wednesday means writing time, and boy did I get some words done.

23. Meetings, meetings, meetings.

24. Hit the 50,000 words almost a week early. Nanowrimo nailed! Nailed, I say!

25. Grant to Brisbane for a post-cricket catch-up, Sarah to her Christmas party – that means I get a whole uninterrupted evening to re-organise and categorise my blog pages…and watch The Good Wife re-runs.

26. Astro group catch-up in the morning, Christmas tree trimming and present wrapping in the afternoon. All Christmas shopping officially done.

27. Morning walk, afternoon walk, and a tolerable day in the office in between. Monday done well.

28. Test files again… will it ever end?

29. Travel group meet-up tonight – talking travel over Turkish food, don’t mind if I do. A lovely group of ladies. Sarah off to Sydney – I miss her already.

30. It’s raining still. There are rumours of boat-building and a rounding up of animals happening up the hill.

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18 Replies to “Sentence a day – November”

  1. What a varied month Jo with home and travel! Your travel group sounds interesting and your office is definitely a hard place to work! Love all the photos. I’ve cheated this month and written a summary of October and November. We were travelling in October so wanted to share that as well.

  2. Congrats, Jo, on nailing the Nanowrimo writing and getting your holiday shopping all organized during a busy month of work and travel. Hope you can relax a lot more in December to enjoy the holidays.

    1. It was certainly a busy one. I’m looking forward to 3 days off between Christmas & New Year to head to an island a few hours north of us.

    1. Thanks. I never get sick of our local beach. After holidaying up here for nearly 20 years it’s hard to believe I’m just 8kms away from it.

  3. You do such a great life of getting balance in your life. Even when you worked in partition you managed to fit in exercise, writing and eating out etc…

    I am really crap at making good use of my non-work time. I tend to just collapse or hibernate and then sometimes feel as if I’ve done nothing with that free time. I know we all only see a snapshot of others’ lives (literally) but I need to steal some of your commitment and motivation – to being healthier, happier and more positive about everything!

    1. The one thing that doesn’t balance well with me is the healthier thing. I so need to lose some weight, but that’s the one thing I always lose focus on. Going back to self care, it’s also the one thing I need to force the focus on.

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy and congratulation on Nanowrimo! I can imagine it’s lovely starting a new novel, for me it would be keeping at it that would be the hard part.

    1. I’m a great starter but have always been the queen of unfinished projects. No one was more surprised than me when I finished my 1st book. Now I’ve finished 4, have 3 published and am working on my 5th. Some stories require a lot of work, this one (so far) is writing itself.

    1. I love Sentence a day… it’s a seriously easy way of bullet pointing your day. I’m in the habit now that I write a sentence (or two) before I go to bed & then blog it on the 1st Thursday of each month. NZ is endlessly surprising – and well worth visiting.

    1. It was fun. With both hubby & I working from home I’m finding it difficult to meet people in our new area, so take opportunities like this when I can.

  5. You’ve had a fruitful month. I wish I could say the same. When it rains I go to the gym, but I much prefer my morning walk. I think you had a lot more rain than we had here on the Gold Coast. #TeamLovinLife

    1. We had so much rain! And, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t use the gym membership that I got just for days like this. I tell you what, Kathy, that attitude has to change next year!

    1. It’s a fabulous country. I continue to thank my bestie for moving home and giving me more excuses to visit.

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