I’m writing this sitting at Brisbane Airport waiting for a flight out to Wellington for a long weekend. It’s one of those spur of the minute things that happened when I was messaging my bestie a couple of weekends ago. I’m more excited that I probably should be for a four day break.

I didn’t think I’d have time to get a post up today, but on the way to the airport this morning (at 5am thank you very much) my timehop app reminded me that this time two years ago we’d checked into our B&B in Burford, in The Cotswolds, for the first few nights of our seven week UK road trip. And I figured I might as well revisit that trip – as a way of transferring the posts to here…sort of… Then I read Debbish’s post about how she was contemplating a visit to the area and I figured it was meant to be…

Anyways, we ended up coming back to the Cotswolds for another week – a stay which gave me the inspiration for my book Wish You Were Here – but those first few days around Burford were all we could hope for.

Where we stayed in Burford

A B&B called Star Cottage, a 10 minute walk from town. I wrote about it here. It was everything an English B&B should be – complete with a spaniel that did circles.

Star Cottage, Burford

Out and about in Burford


I showed you around Burford in this post. It’s everything you want in a quintessentially English country town and more. There’s the old church and cemetery, the history, the oh so cute shopfronts, and the pubs. Oh the pubs.

Plus a river running through it and plenty of country walks. As I said, everything you’d expect it to be.

Out and about from Burford

From here we re-traced steps from our last trip – 20years previously – and went out to Bibury, Upper and Lower Slaughter, Bourton On The Water…and more.

For more pics and road trip ideas, check out this post.

Because it’s Thursday, I’m linking up with the LovinLife Ladies. Check out the happy in the links below.

14 Replies to “Burford…revisited”

    1. I did almost daily posts when we were over there, and can’t transfer the posts in their entirety, so am in the process of packaging these up in a condensed way for this website.

  1. Burford looks so pretty, quintessentially Cotswolds. It is such a beautiful area. So glad you had a great time there. And oh my, Bourton on the Water – I was born nearby and spent my first couple of baby years here. I wonder how my life would have panned out if my parents hadn’t moved!

    1. It’s interesting that you say that. My husband was born in Scotland, but grew up around Gloucester and Forest of Dean. He says exactly the same thing.

  2. Oh my god, I love these pictures and this is exactly the sort of place I want to visit.

    It’s funny as I watch shows like Escape to the Country and fantasise about living in the little villages and yet I wonder if they’re equivalent to small towns here I scoff at (like Gympie, Maryborough, Rockhampton and similar). Of course I say that as I sit in Maryborough during my work lunch break.

  3. Oh it’s gorgeous! The travel lust/envy is HIGH in my travels around the linky today. Holy heck. I’m also pretty darn envious of your four day mini break. Sounds like perfection.

    1. There’s some good travel stories on the linky this week. And yep, I’m so excited to be back in NZ for a few days & catching up with my bestie – put the 2 together and it is pretty close to perfection.

    1. I think it’s the same with many things – you see more as a visitor than as a resident. When you’re working it’s all just too hard.

  4. How gorgeous! I haven’t done much travelling in the UK, but I would definitely like to. The English countryside and quaint little villages really appeal to me. #TeamLovinLife

    1. They are gorgeous. The downside is, of course, that with it all so far away you need a decent stretch of time to make it worth the 24 hours flight.

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