30 things that make me go aaah….

jacaranda tree

Yesterday morning I sat watching some whales do the tail and fin thing as they swam the length of the beach. I’d brought my coffee back to a seat at The Loo With A View and was gazing out to sea when I saw the first blow not far past the shark net buoys.

As others cottoned onto what was happening only a couple of hundred metres off shore, more and more people stopped what they were doing. They stopped swimming, they stopped walking, they crossed the road from the shops and coffee shops. Cars pulled over to see what everyone else was looking at, kids pointed, adults stared.

For those few moments we stopped and we were in the moment – regardless of what else was going on. We were all watching the whales and everyone was awed.

I’ve been completely moved by the whale migration this year. We didn’t see much from shore of the northern migration, but they tend to come in closer on their way back down south. Sometimes it’s just a tell-tale blow or a splash where there are no boats that give them away, sometimes it’s the curve of the body as they dive over and down, sometimes it’s the flash of the tail or the wave of a fin. It never ceases to make me just stop and watch. They’re totally amazing creatures and seeing them fills me with complete peace.

It’s the same on those days when the dolphins are about. Sometimes I feel that seeing them it’s a sign that no matter what other crap is going on in the world, these magnificent mammals are out there – so everything can’t help but be ok.

Anyways, the feeling from this morning stayed with me through the whole of the work day that followed. It got me thinking about the other things that bring me pleasure – often fleeting moments of pleasure, but pleasure none the less.

Once I started writing, I forced myself to stop at 30 although I could have gone on…and on…and on…and that’s a good thing…right?

  1. Early morning walks
  2. The welcome from my dog when she hasn’t seen me for a few minutes/ since last night/ since this morning/ since I came back from dropping rubbish in the bin
  3. Doggy smiles
  4. The flash of colour from a rainbow lorikeet
  5. The early morning warble of a magpie
  6. The smell of jasmine when the sun hits it
  7. Watching the sun come up
  8. That silvery sparkly look of the ocean when the sun is on it – when it looks as though a million diamonds have been sprinkled across the top of the blue
  9. Taking my bra off at night
  10. The bubbles in sparking mineral water
  11. Having a pee when you’ve been holding on for what seems like ever
  12. That smudge of new green in the Spring
  13. Jacaranda flowers on the horizon
  14. Jacaranda flowers when they drop and carpet the lawn
  15. Autumn leaves – I miss autumn leaves
  16. The crackle of frost on a blue day – yep, miss this now too
  17. Bees on lavender and rosemary bushes
  18. Fresh sheets
  19. Shaved legs and fresh sheets
  20. Clean hair after being on the beach
  21. The smell of sparklers
  22. Writing my name in the air in sparklers
  23. Writing the name of the one I love in the air in sparklers
  24. Blowing bubbles
  25. Popping bubbles
  26. Popping bubble wrap
  27. Seeing a dragonfly
  28. Making a wish on a dandelion
  29. That first sight of the ocean as I come over the hill from Buderim Rd to Mooloolaba Esplanade every morning
  30. Walking on the beach, in the water, after work and feeling the wind and the salt whip away the day

What are the little things that do it for you?

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22 Replies to “30 things that make me go aaah….”

  1. As you know, I love early morning walks too Jo. The pre-dawn sky and sunrise are different each day and such a pleasure to see. I love doggy smiles and waggily tales. I grew up in Grafton, the Jacaranda City, where there’s row upon row of Jacaranda trees, all blossoming around the Jacaranda festival. Seeing your beautiful pic of the jaca blossoms makes me miss it. Had some good times back there …

    1. Oh Grafton jacs…I remember visiting one year & being awed by that fabulous colour. So agree re the skies being different every morning – although with sunrise now at 5.15 and getting earlier, I’m rarely seeing it at present…

  2. I just watched a dragon fly shed its skin onto the stem of the plant and fly away as a dragonfly. It was fascinating. You have lots of great things to love on your list.

  3. Oh, I love this. And I didn’t know there were shark nets at the Sunshine Coast – I could be tempted to swim there. At some point.

    As for my ‘little’ things – flannelette sheets in winter and PJs most certainly.

    And – at the moment – Saturday (or Sunday I guess) mornings started with vanilla diet coke and brownies on my latptop in front of Rage on TV.

  4. Aaah yes all of the above. I would add the smell of rain after a dry spell, the smell of a newborn baby and that first sip of wine at the end of a day. It really does go to show that the little things in life are the best!

  5. It’s so wonderful to have seen whales like you did. I love your description of everyone stopping what they were doing to look and be in the moment. How wonderful! Love your list – yes to all of them!! 🙂 p.s. loving your new website/blog!! #TeamLovinLife

  6. As much as I used to hate getting up at 4.30am to take the teen to rowing training, the chance of seeing dolphins or a mother whale & her babies in the harbour, made sure I was always up and ready to go. The dolphins loved swimming around the boats as the sun came into few.

  7. how amazing to see whales…so jealous. It’s so good to think of the things that make you happy – much better than being miserable or thinking of the negative!

    1. It seriously is easy to think about everything that’s not right. It’s the little things that make it right.

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