Wish You Were Here: Unveiling the Cover


It’s here: the cover for Wish You Were here.

I love it- and when you get to know Max better, and get to know Brookford better, I hope that you’ll love it too…

Jacinda May has done a fabulous job- both in the design and in dealing with my requests for revisions: picture changes here, font changes there.

The challenge of getting the emotional feel of an entire book into a cover design is a tough one. Although there are some emotional scenes in her story, Max is, overall, an optimistic person- and I wanted that to come through in the cover. Likewise, although there is physical movement, Brookford and the countryside is part of Max. I wanted that to come through too. I think it does.

Now I have my cover I can pop it on Amazon for pre-sale, but there’s still plenty to do before publishing date. I should get my copy edit back soon, then it’s proofreading, file conversion and number allocation (ISBN and CiP- I’ll tell you about them later) to go.